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Publication numberDE60117220 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2001617220
Publication date20 Apr 2006
Filing date17 Dec 2001
Priority date29 Dec 2000
Also published asDE60117220T2, EP1223035A1, EP1223035B1, US6513903, US20020085059
Publication number01617220, 2001617220, DE 60117220 D1, DE 60117220D1, DE-D1-60117220, DE01617220, DE2001617220, DE60117220 D1, DE60117220D1
InventorsRavi Sharma, Gilbert A Hawkins
ApplicantEastman Kodak Co
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Tintenstrahldruckkopf mit Kapillardurchflussreinigung Inkjet printhead with Kapillardurchflussreinigung translated from German
DE 60117220 D1
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International ClassificationB41J2/165
Cooperative ClassificationB41J2/16552
European ClassificationB41J2/165C3
Legal Events
10 Aug 20068332No legal effect for de
2 Nov 20068370Indication of lapse of patent is to be deleted
15 Mar 20078364No opposition during term of opposition