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Publication numberDE60002161 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2000602161
Publication date4 Dec 2003
Filing date2 Feb 2000
Priority date2 Feb 1999
Also published asCA2371964A1, CA2371964C, DE60002161D1, DE60002161T3, EP1148843A1, EP1148843B1, EP1148843B2, US6398803, US6770087, US7914639, US8617337, US20010032009, US20040236402, US20090294035, US20110126966, US20140107763, WO2000045741A1
Publication number00602161, 2000602161, DE 60002161 T2, DE 60002161T2, DE-T2-60002161, DE00602161, DE2000602161, DE60002161 T2, DE60002161T2
InventorsRichard Layne, Sandra Cundy, Debra Bebb
ApplicantImpra Inc
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Teileinkapselung von stents Teileinkapselung of stents translated from German
DE 60002161 T2
Partially encapsulated stents are made using gaps cut into ePTFE covering material. Ring stents are placed over an inner ePTFE tube (e.g., supported on a mandrel) and are covered by a "lacey" graft sleeve, which is constructed by cutting apertures into an ePTFE tube so that a series of circumferential and longitudinal strips is created. This "lacey" sleeve is then laminated to the inner ePTFE tube to capture the stents. By selecting the size and position of the apertures in the ePTFE covering, it is possible to leave critical parts of the stent unencapsulated to facilitate flexibility and expansion. Alternatively, the gaps can consist of slits cut into the ePTFE covering material. These slits can be cut in any direction including longitudinally, radially, or diagonally. In addition, the slits can be spaced at varying intervals around the covering material to maximize flexibility and expandability. Although a single stent can be used, these approaches lend themselves to use of a plurality of individual ring stents spaced apart along the inner ePTFE tube.
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International ClassificationA61F2/06, A61F2/00, A61F2/84, A61F2/04
Cooperative ClassificationY10T156/1056, Y10T156/1026, Y10T156/109, Y10T156/1062, Y10S623/901, A61F2002/072, A61F2250/0029, A61F2/915, A61F2/07, A61F2/89
European ClassificationA61F2/07