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Publication numberDE59912995 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1999512995
Publication date2 Feb 2006
Filing date14 Oct 1999
Priority date14 Oct 1998
Also published asDE29923938U1, EP1112779A2, EP1112779A3, EP1112779B1, EP1121194A1, EP1121194B1, EP1121195A1, EP1121195B1, EP1138396A2, EP1138396A3, EP1138396B1, EP1138397A2, EP1138397A3, EP1138397B1, US6352177, US6394643, WO2000021652A1, WO2000021653A1
Publication number1999512995, 99512995, DE 59912995 D1, DE 59912995D1, DE-D1-59912995, DE1999512995, DE59912995 D1, DE59912995D1, DE99512995
InventorsAlexander Bublewitz, Matthias Suchan
ApplicantKettenbach Gmbh & Co Kg
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Vorrichtung zum Öffnen eines eine pastöse Masse beinhaltenden Schlauchbeutels Device for opening a one pasty substance-containing tubular bag translated from German
DE 59912995 D1
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International ClassificationB01F15/00, B05C17/005, A61C9/00, B01F7/00, B01F13/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61C5/64, B01F13/002, B05C17/00586, B01F2215/0039, B05C17/00553, B05C17/00506, B01F7/00008, B05C17/00516, A61C9/0026, B01F7/00141, B05C17/00583
European ClassificationA61C9/00C, B05C17/005F, A61C5/06A2, B05C17/005R, B01F7/00B, B01F7/00B12B4, B05C17/005B4, B05C17/005B6
Legal Events
18 Jan 20078364No opposition during term of opposition