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Publication numberDE3885058 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE19883885058
Publication date17 Feb 1994
Filing date28 Sep 1988
Priority date9 Oct 1987
Also published asCA1317351C, DE3885058D1, EP0314305A2, EP0314305A3, EP0314305B1, US4867152
Publication number19883885058, 883885058, DE 3885058 T2, DE 3885058T2, DE-T2-3885058, DE19883885058, DE3885058 T2, DE3885058T2, DE883885058
InventorsAbraham H Kou, Robin L Roehl, Gerhardt P Schroeder
ApplicantBoc Health Care
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Therapeutisches Atmungsgerät mit selektiver Anzeige der Parameter-Setzpunkte. Therapeutic breathing apparatus with selective display of setting parameters points. translated from German
DE 3885058 T2
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International ClassificationA61M16/00, G06F3/02
Cooperative ClassificationA61M2205/505, G06F3/02, A61M16/024
European ClassificationA61M16/00, G06F3/02