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Publication numberDE3527260 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19853527260
Publication date13 Feb 1986
Filing date30 Jul 1985
Priority date31 Jul 1984
Also published asCA1243273A, CA1243273A1, US4547432
Publication number19853527260, 853527260, DE 3527260 A1, DE 3527260A1, DE-A1-3527260, DE19853527260, DE3527260 A1, DE3527260A1, DE853527260
InventorsJohn Roland Pitts, Terence Michael Thomas, Alvin Warren Czanderna
ApplicantUs Energy
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verfahren zum verbinden von silber mit glas und nach diesem verfahren hergestellte spiegel The procedure for making connections silver with glass and after this procedure produced mirror translated from German
DE 3527260 A1
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International ClassificationC03C17/36, C03C17/06, G02B1/10, C23C14/18, G02B5/08, C23C14/02, C03C17/09, C03C23/00
Cooperative ClassificationC23C14/022, C03C23/004, C03C17/3644, C03C2218/154, C03C23/0055, C03C17/09, G02B5/0858, C03C17/36, C03C17/3613, C03C23/0045, C03C2217/256, C03C17/3618, C03C23/005, G02B5/0875, C03C2218/31, G02B5/0808, C03C17/3663, C03C17/06, C03C2218/151, Y10T428/31786, C03C17/3652
European ClassificationG02B5/08M2S, G02B5/08C, C03C17/36, C03C23/00B14, C03C23/00B18, C23C14/02A2, C03C23/00B20, C03C17/06, C03C23/00B16, C03C17/09, G02B5/08M2T, C03C17/36B352M, C03C17/36B316, C03C17/36B342, C03C17/36B320, C03C17/36B346
Legal Events
16 Jul 19928139Disposal/non-payment of the annual fee