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Publication numberDE3438573 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19843438573
Publication date7 May 1986
Filing date20 Oct 1984
Priority date20 Oct 1984
Publication number19843438573, 843438573, DE 3438573 A1, DE 3438573A1, DE-A1-3438573, DE19843438573, DE3438573 A1, DE3438573A1, DE843438573
InventorsPaul Gauselmann
ApplicantPaul Gauselmann
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Coin-operated gaming machine with a risk-play device
DE 3438573 A1
The invention relates to a coin-operated gaming machine (1) with a symbol-play and a risk-play device (3-5, 9-11 and 6, 12, 13), of which the symbol-play device comprises a plurality of rotary bodies (3-5) which carry circumferentially win symbols for indicating the game result, and of which the risk-play device comprises a strip which is formed from a plurality of win indicator elements (13) in an ascending win gradation and on which wins achieved both in symbol play and in risk play can be indicated as a gaming stake for the risk-play device activatable by a risk button (16), and with a housing (2) which essentially surrounds the play devices and which has, in front of the rotary bodies (3-6), a front window arrangement (8) through which win symbols of the rotary bodies can be seen. The invention proposes that the window arrangement (8) comprise a window (12) which is arranged in front of the strip and through which at least one of the indicator elements (13) can be seen after a relative movement between the strip and the window (12). <IMAGE>
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International ClassificationG07F17/32
Cooperative ClassificationG07F17/3267
European ClassificationG07F17/32M4
Legal Events
12 Dec 19918110Request for examination paragraph 44
25 Mar 19938130Withdrawal