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Publication numberDE3422806 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19843422806
Publication date2 Jan 1986
Filing date20 Jun 1984
Priority date20 Jun 1984
Publication number19843422806, 843422806, DE 3422806 A1, DE 3422806A1, DE-A1-3422806, DE19843422806, DE3422806 A1, DE3422806A1, DE843422806
InventorsManfred Herlt, Erich Weber
ApplicantWeber Hermann, Erich Weber
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Immersion-type condenser
DE 3422806 A1
A description is given of an immersion-type condenser for installation in a boiler (12), having a hot gas supply conduit (10) and a condensate discharge conduit (11) which form a battery (3), having an outer housing (1) which has a mounting flange (5) on an end face, surrounds the battery (3) and is open on the side opposite the mounting flange (5), and having a recirculating pump (9), connected to the space (4, 7) in the outer housing (1), for positive flow through the space (4, 7) in the outer housing (1). In order further to improve the efficiency of the condenser, it is proposed according to the invention to provide an inner housing (2), one end of which is sealed, which covers the battery (3) on the inside too. <IMAGE>
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International ClassificationF25B39/04, F28D1/02, F24H4/02
Cooperative ClassificationY02B30/12, F25B39/04, F28D1/0213, F24H4/02, F25B2339/047
European ClassificationF28D1/02A4, F25B39/04, F24H4/02
Legal Events
2 Jan 1986OM8Search report available as to paragraph 43 lit. 1 sentence 1 patent law
8 Jun 19898139Disposal/non-payment of the annual fee