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Publication numberDE3045192 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19803045192
Publication date3 Jun 1982
Filing date1 Dec 1980
Priority date1 Dec 1980
Also published asDE3045192C2
Publication number19803045192, 803045192, DE 3045192 A1, DE 3045192A1, DE-A1-3045192, DE19803045192, DE3045192 A1, DE3045192A1, DE803045192
InventorsRobert Kroh
ApplicantFresenius Chem Pharm Ind
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Gear pump hard, e.g. steel, driving gear - has softer, e.g. plastic, driven gear for reduced noise development and wear
DE 3045192 A1
The pump comprises at least two pump gears (4,5) of which at least one (4) is a driving gear which consists of a hard material, such as a ceramic or particularly metal whilst the driven gear (5) is in a softer more resilient material, e.g. plastic. The driving gear pref. has greater wear resistance than the driven gear. The driven gear may be in plastic such as PTFE with a filler, e.g. carbon, molybdenum di-sulfide, glass fibre, high-grade steel, bronze etc. The carbon content of the PTFE may be about 20 to 30%, pref. 35%. The driven gear may have greater radial than axial thermal expansion.
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International ClassificationF04C2/08
Cooperative ClassificationF05C2225/04, F04C2/084
European ClassificationF04C2/08B2
Legal Events
3 Jun 1982OP8Request for examination as to paragraph 44 patent law
21 Jul 19838127New person/name/address of the applicant
27 Oct 1983D2Grant after examination
26 Apr 19848364No opposition during term of opposition
7 Dec 19898339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee