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Publication numberDE3035947 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19803035947
Publication date6 May 1982
Filing date24 Sep 1980
Priority date24 Sep 1980
Also published asDE3035947C2
Publication number19803035947, 803035947, DE 3035947 A1, DE 3035947A1, DE-A1-3035947, DE19803035947, DE3035947 A1, DE3035947A1, DE803035947
InventorsPaul Gauselmann
ApplicantPaul Gauselmann
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Gambling machine with circulating winning symbols - has winning values, associated with memory and indicators of stepping switches, forming geometrical progression series
DE 3035947 A1
The winning or loosing symbols are coupled to a winning scanner whose winning indicating signals are supplied to individual winning memories and indication elements. The memory and indication elements are formed into stepping switchgear, changeable by a random generator in the direction of higher or lower winning. The gambler has a possibility to store the indicated winning result in a credit counter. The winning values, associated with the memory and indicator elements of the stepping switchgear, form a geometric progression series. The winning scanner connected memory and indicator elements belong exclusively to continuous region of the series with low winning values. A control determines the gambling duration. It is activatable in dependence on the appearance of a winning result. The control starts the random generator until the winning value has exceeded an upper value, or fallen below a lower limit.
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International ClassificationG07F17/32
Cooperative ClassificationG07F17/3267
European ClassificationG07F17/32M4
Legal Events
13 Nov 19868110Request for examination paragraph 44
11 Aug 1988D2Grant after examination
19 Jan 19898363Opposition against the patent
23 May 19908365Fully valid after opposition proceedings
10 Feb 19948310Action for declaration of annulment
25 Jan 19968313Request for invalidation rejected/withdrawn