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Publication numberDE2923471 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19792923471
Publication date20 Dec 1979
Filing date9 Jun 1979
Priority date9 Jun 1978
Also published asCA1127710A, CA1127710A1, DE2923471C2, US4359644
Publication number19792923471, 792923471, DE 2923471 A1, DE 2923471A1, DE-A1-2923471, DE19792923471, DE2923471 A1, DE2923471A1, DE792923471
InventorsPeter Maxwell Foord
ApplicantSouth Australia Electr Trust
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Einrichtung und verfahren zum uebertragen von elektrischen steuerinformationen Means and methods to carry over of electrical control information translated from German
DE 2923471 A1
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Cited PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
DE1563212B2 *19 Apr 196630 Dec 1971 Ein oder mehrphasige rundsteuersendeanlage fuer tonfrequenz rundsteuerung
US3488517 *26 Jun 19676 Jan 1970Merseyside & North Wales ElectControl systems
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International ClassificationH02J13/00, H04B3/54
Cooperative ClassificationY10T307/477, H02J13/0027
European ClassificationH02J13/00F4B2B2
Legal Events
11 Apr 19858110Request for examination paragraph 44
16 Feb 19898128New person/name/address of the agent
Representative=s name: JACKISCH, W., DIPL.-ING., PAT.-ANW. KERKHOF, M., R
11 May 1989D2Grant after examination
9 Nov 19898364No opposition during term of opposition