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Publication numberDE2737164 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19772737164
Publication date22 Feb 1979
Filing date18 Aug 1977
Priority date18 Aug 1977
Publication number19772737164, 772737164, DE 2737164 A1, DE 2737164A1, DE-A1-2737164, DE19772737164, DE2737164 A1, DE2737164A1, DE772737164
ApplicantOrga 2000 Bautraeger Gmbh & Co
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Visiting or greeting card made of metal - is gold or silver plated with engraved words to enhance value
DE 2737164 A1
Visiting or greeting cards rarely have any intrinsic value and are usually thrown away by the recipient. In order to encourage their retention it is proposed to make the cards of metal which is plated with gold, silver or platinum. The thickness of the precious metal plating is between 0.1 and 0.5 mm. The card is inscribed with suitable greeting or information and carries the firm's trademark with a reference number. The information can be etched or photo-engraved. The card thus makes an impressive gift which is unlikely to be thrown away regardless.
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International ClassificationB42D25/00, B42D25/425, B42D25/415
Cooperative ClassificationB42D2033/10, B42D2035/08, B42D25/425, B42D25/26, B42D25/00, B42D25/20, B42D25/415
European ClassificationB42D15/10
Legal Events
22 Feb 1979OAPRequest for examination filed
5 Apr 1979ODRequest for examination
13 Sep 1979OHWRejection