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Publication numberDE2242944 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19722242944
Publication date14 Mar 1974
Filing date31 Aug 1972
Priority date31 Aug 1972
Also published asDE2242944B2, US3828863
Publication number19722242944, 722242944, DE 2242944 A1, DE 2242944A1, DE-A1-2242944, DE19722242944, DE2242944 A1, DE2242944A1, DE722242944
InventorsManfred Bleicher, Jaerg Faelchle, Reinhard Dipl Ing Hahner, Gernot Haensel, Wolfgang Dipl Ing Schmid, Karl Dr Ing Wanner
ApplicantBosch Gmbh Robert
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Bohrhammer Rotary Hammer translated from German
DE 2242944 A1
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International ClassificationH02K7/10, F16H37/16, B25D17/08, B23B45/16, B25D16/00, B25D11/12
Cooperative ClassificationH02K7/10, B25D2216/0015, B25D16/00, B25D2211/068, F16H37/16, B25D2216/0023, B25D16/006, B25D2217/0042, B25D17/088
European ClassificationB25D16/00M, B25D16/00, F16H37/16, B25D17/08R4, H02K7/10
Legal Events
6 Sep 1979ODRequest for examination
3 Sep 19818263Opposition against grant of a patent
27 Nov 19868235Patent refused