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Publication numberDE2103922 B2
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19712103922
Publication date28 Feb 1980
Filing date28 Jan 1971
Priority date30 Jan 1970
Also published asCA918747A, CA918747A1, DE2103922A1, DE2103922C3, US3622857
Publication number19712103922, 712103922, DE 2103922 B2, DE 2103922B2, DE-B2-2103922, DE19712103922, DE2103922 B2, DE2103922B2, DE712103922
InventorsIndar Kumar Inglewood Calif. Sethi (V.St.A.)
ApplicantMcculloch Corp., (N.D.Ges.D. Staates Wis.), Los Angeles, Calif. (V.St.A.)
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DE 2103922 B2
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International ClassificationH02J7/00
Cooperative ClassificationH02J7/0093
European ClassificationH02J7/00M10E
Legal Events
23 Mar 1978ODRequest for examination
16 Oct 1980C3Grant after two publication steps (3rd publication)
9 Feb 19848339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee