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Publication numberDE19982814 T1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1999182814
Publication date17 May 2001
Filing date3 Dec 1999
Priority date3 Dec 1998
Also published asDE19982814T0, US6476731, WO2000033279A1
Publication number1999182814, 99182814, DE 19982814 T1, DE 19982814T1, DE-T1-19982814, DE19982814 T1, DE19982814T1, DE1999182814, DE99182814
InventorsNobuaki Miki, Hiroshi Ishigaki, Seiji Sakakibara
ApplicantAisin Aw Co
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Fahrtunterstützungssystem Driving support system translated from German
DE 19982814 T1
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
DE102004050626A1 *18 Oct 200427 Apr 2006Audi AgMotor vehicle`s environment monitoring device, has switch causing change over from distance sensor to image sensor, if object is detected within preset distance, where illustration of object is produced based on signals from image sensor
DE102005013706A1 *24 Mar 200528 Sep 2006Daimlerchrysler AgMotor vehicle parking assisting device, has distance measuring device measuring distance between vehicle and object and image overlapping device outputting distance information as image information for reproduction of image data
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International ClassificationB60R21/00, G08G1/16, B60Q1/48, H04N7/18, B60W30/00, B60R1/00, B60Q1/00
Cooperative ClassificationB60R11/04, B60Q1/0023, B60R2300/8086, B60R1/00, B60Q9/007, B60R2300/8093, B60Q9/005, H04N7/181, B60R2300/806, B60R2300/70, B60R2300/802, B60R2300/30, B60R2300/305, B60R2300/105
European ClassificationB60R1/00, H04N7/18C, B60Q1/00C1, B60Q9/00D10, B60Q9/00D4B
Legal Events
5 Apr 20078110Request for examination paragraph 44
10 Apr 2014R016Response to examination communication