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Publication numberDE1503390 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19651503390
Publication date8 Jan 1970
Filing date31 Dec 1965
Priority date31 Dec 1965
Also published asDE1503390B2, DE1503390C3
Publication number19651503390, 651503390, DE 1503390 A1, DE 1503390A1, DE-A1-1503390, DE1503390 A1, DE1503390A1, DE19651503390, DE651503390
InventorsVon Loewis Of Menar Alexander
ApplicantBosch Gmbh Robert
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Hydraulische Membranpumpe Hydraulic diaphragm pump translated from German
DE 1503390 A1
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
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International ClassificationF04B43/00, F02M59/14, F04B45/053
Cooperative ClassificationF04B45/0533, F02M2700/1323, F04B43/0054, F02M59/14
European ClassificationF02M59/14, F04B43/00D8, F04B45/053A
Legal Events
7 Aug 1975C3Grant after two publication steps (3rd publication)