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Publication numberDE146351 T1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1984308694
Publication date27 Feb 1986
Filing date13 Dec 1984
Priority date19 Dec 1983
Also published asCA1238977A, CA1238977A1, EP0146351A2, EP0146351A3, US4685141
Publication number1984308694, 84308694, DE 146351 T1, DE 146351T1, DE-T1-146351, DE146351 T1, DE146351T1, DE1984308694, DE84308694
InventorsZahirul Bramalea Ontario L6T 4N6 Ca Hoque, Akihiro Waterloo Ontario N2L 4N7 Ca Oka
ApplicantNcr Canada Ltd. - Ncr Canada Ltee., Mississauga, Ontario, Ca
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Vorlageverarbeitungseinrichtung und -verfahren. Template processing device and method. translated from German
DE 146351 T1
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International ClassificationG06K9/32, G06K17/00, G07D7/00, G06K9/00, G06Q40/00, G06K9/62
Cooperative ClassificationG06K9/3216, G06K2017/0038, G07D7/00, G06K17/00, G06K2209/01
European ClassificationG06K9/32P, G06K17/00, G07D7/00