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Publication numberDE1283834 B
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE1961P0031281
Publication date28 Nov 1968
Filing date19 May 1961
Priority date23 May 1960
Also published asDE1298522B, DE1300934B, US3200149
Publication numberDE 1283834 B, DE 1283834B, DE-B-1283834, DE1283834 B, DE1283834B, DE1961P0031281
InventorsBlackwood Robert Keith, Rennhard Hans Heinrich, Beereboom John Joseph, Stephens Jun Charles Robert
ApplicantPfizer & Co C
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Verfahren zur Herstellung von 11 alpha-Halogen-6-desoxy-6-desmethyl-6-methylen-tetracyclinen bzw. ihren Salzen A process for the preparation of 11 alpha-halogen-6-deoxy-6-demethyl-6-methylene-tetracyclines and their salts translated from German
DE 1283834 B
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DE1011417B *5 Jan 19554 Jul 1957Pfizer & Co CVerfahren zur Herstellung von Anhydrodesdimethylaminochlortetracyclin bzw. Anhydrodesdimethylaminotetracyclin
*DE1117567C Title not available
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
US4659515 *31 Aug 198421 Apr 1987Chinoin Gyogyszer Es Vegyeszeti Termekek Gyara RtProcess for the preparation of 6-demethyl-6-deoxy-6-methylene-5-oxytetracyclin and the 11A-chloro-derivative thereof
International ClassificationB29D23/00, F16L11/04, C07C233/00, A61K31/65, A61K31/16, B65D33/00, A63H11/10
Cooperative ClassificationA61K31/16, F16L11/04, A61K31/65, B29D23/00, C07C233/00, B65D33/00
European ClassificationB65D33/00, C07C233/00, B29D23/00, A63H11/10, F16L11/04, A61K31/16, A61K31/65