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Publication numberCN1688954 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 03823553
PCT numberPCT/US2003/030130
Publication date26 Oct 2005
Filing date19 Sep 2003
Priority date3 Oct 2002
Also published asCA2498133A1, CA2498133C, CN1316329C, EP1550023A2, US7038553, US7385457, US20040066249, US20070085625, US20080238582, WO2004034240A2, WO2004034240A3
Publication number03823553.6, CN 03823553, CN 1688954 A, CN 1688954A, CN-A-1688954, CN03823553, CN03823553.6, CN1688954 A, CN1688954A, PCT/2003/30130, PCT/US/2003/030130, PCT/US/2003/30130, PCT/US/3/030130, PCT/US/3/30130, PCT/US2003/030130, PCT/US2003/30130, PCT/US2003030130, PCT/US200330130, PCT/US3/030130, PCT/US3/30130, PCT/US3030130, PCT/US330130
Inventors罗伯特B.加纳, 温弗雷德W.维尔克, 霍华德卡恩, 巴里J.拉宾
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Scalable computer system having surface-mounted capacitive couplers for intercommunication
CN 1688954 A
Abstract  translated from Chinese
本发明提出了一种由一些三维子系统构成的可缩放的紧凑计算机系统,每个子系统在它的外表面上有一些电容性耦合器,用来向相邻的子系统发送电信号和从相邻的子系统接收电信号。 The present invention provides a compact computer system by a number of three-dimensional configuration of scalable subsystems, each subsystem in its outer surface has some capacitive coupling, for transmitting electrical signals to and from the adjacent sub-phase o The subsystem receives an electrical signal. 每个表面具有一个不导电的基片,在这个基片上有一个或多个导电垫片,有一些电引线将这些垫片连接到子系统的电路上。 Each surface having a non-conductive substrate, on the substrate having one or more conductive pads, some of these electrical leads connected to the circuit spacer subsystem. 两个各属不同的子系统的相邻垫片形成一个电容性耦合器,用来传送子系统之间的信号。 Two adjacent spacers each genus different subsystems forming a capacitive coupler for transmitting signals between the subsystems. 垫片由一层具有可改善信号传送的低损耗介电常数的介质覆盖。 Spacer layer with media coverage by the signal transmission can be improved low-loss dielectric constant. 可以用两个电容性耦合器支持差动信号,分别传送差动信号的正、负信号。 Can support two differential signal capacitive couplers, respectively, the differential signal transmitting positive and negative signals. 在子系统有故障时可以置换它们或者留在原位。 When there is a fault in the subsystem can be replaced or leave them in place. 可以为系统添加一些附加的子系统来扩展系统的容量。 You can add some additional subsystems for the system to expand the capacity of the system.
Claims(18)  translated from Chinese
1.一种计算机系统,所述计算机系统包括:多个三维的子系统,每个子系统具有一个或多个外表面,每个子系统的至少一个第一表面与另一个子系统的一个第二表面相邻并相符,每个表面包括:一个不导电的基片;多个配置在所述基片上的导电垫片;以及与每个垫片相连的电引线;其中所述垫片中的两个垫片分别配置在第一和第二表面上,形成一个电容性耦合器,以允许在相应子系统之间传送电信号。 1. A computer system, the computer system comprising: a plurality of three-dimensional subsystems, each having one or more outer surfaces, at least one of a first surface and a second surface of another subsystem each subsystem adjacent to and in line, each surface comprising: a non-conductive substrate; a plurality of substrates disposed on said conductive gasket; and electrical leads connected to each spacer; wherein two of said spacers spacer disposed respectively in the first and second surfaces, a capacitive coupling is formed to allow the transfer of electrical signals between the respective subsystems.
2.如在权利要求1中所述的系统,其中所述垫片被介电材料覆盖。 2. The system as recited in claim 1, wherein the spacer is a dielectric material covered.
3.如在权利要求2中所述的系统,其中所述介电材料具有低损耗特性和大介电常数,以改善信号传送。 3. The system as recited in claim 2, wherein said dielectric material having a large dielectric constant and low loss characteristics in order to improve the signal transmission.
4.如在权利要求1中所述的系统,其中所述信号是时变信号。 4. The system as described in claim 1, wherein said signal is a time-varying signal.
5.如在权利要求1中所述的系统,其中:所述信号是具有正信号和互补的负信号的差动信号;以及一个在两个子系统之间的第一电容性耦合器传送正信号,而一个在所述两个子系统之间的第二电容性耦合器传送负信号。 5. The system as in claim 1, wherein: said signal is a differential signal having a positive signal and a complementary negative signal; and transmitting a positive signal in a first capacitive coupling between the two subsystems , while between the two subsystems of a second capacitive coupler transmits a negative signal.
6.如在权利要求1中所述的系统,其中所述表面通常是平坦的。 6. The system as recited in claim 1, wherein said surface is generally planar.
7.如在权利要求1中所述的系统,其中:每个子系统包括电路;以及所述子系统上的电容性耦合器的电引线连接到所述电路上。 7. The system as recited in claim 1, wherein: each subsystem including a circuit; and a capacitive coupling of electrical leads of the subsystem connected to said circuit.
8.如在权利要求1中所述的系统,其中:每个垫片包括多个通路;以及所述电引线通过所述通路接到垫片上。 8. The system as recited in claim 1, wherein: each spacer comprises a plurality of passages; and by the electrical leads connected to said passage on the spacer.
9.如在权利要求1中所述的系统,其中所述第一和第二表面相接触。 9. The system as recited in claim 1, wherein said first and second surfaces in contact.
10.如在权利要求1中所述的系统,其中所述第一和第二表面是可相互滑过的。 10. The system as recited in claim 1, wherein said first and second surfaces can slide over each other are.
11.如在权利要求10中所述的系统,其中所述第一和第二表面包括使电容性耦合器对准的装置。 11. The system as recited in claim 10, wherein said first and second surfaces comprising capacitive coupling means for alignment.
12.如在权利要求10中所述的系统,其中所述第一和第二表面通过机械装置保持在一起。 12. The system as recited in claim 10, wherein said first and second surfaces are held together by mechanical means.
13.如在权利要求1中所述的系统,其中每个子系统是能够存储、接收和发送数据的存储设备。 13. A system as in claim 1, wherein each subsystem is capable of storing, the storage device to receive and send data.
14.如在权利要求13中所述的系统,其中每个子系统包括多个数据存储盘和支持电路。 14. A system as recited in claim 13, wherein each subsystem comprises a plurality of data storage disks, and support circuitry.
15.如在权利要求1中所述的系统,其中每个子系统是一个数据处理子系统。 15. A system as recited in claim 1, wherein each subsystem is a data processing subsystem.
16.如在权利要求1中所述的系统,其中每个子系统是一个数据通信子系统。 16. A system as recited in claim 1, wherein each subsystem is a data communication subsystem.
17.如在权利要求1中所述的系统,其中每个子系统是一个具有六个外表面的立方体。 17. A system as recited in claim 1, wherein each subsystem is a cube has six outer surfaces.
18.一种数据存储系统,所述数据存储系统包括:多个数据存储子系统,每个子系统具有一个或多个外表面,每个子系统的至少一个第一表面与另一个子系统的一个第二表面相邻并相符,每个表面包括:一个不导电的基片;多个配置在所述基片上的导电垫片;以及与每个垫片相连的电引线;其中所述垫片中的两个垫片分别配置在第一和第二表面上,形成一个电容性耦合器,以允许在相应子系统之间传送电信号。 18. A data storage system, said data storage system comprising: a plurality of data storage subsystems, each having one or more outer surfaces, a first surface of each of the at least one first subsystem to another subsystem a second surface adjacent to and in line, each surface comprising: a non-conductive substrate; a plurality of conductive pads on the configuration of the substrate; and a spacer connected to each electrical lead; wherein said shim two washers disposed respectively in the first and second surfaces, a capacitive coupling is formed to allow the transfer of electrical signals between the respective subsystems.
Description  translated from Chinese
具有表面安装电容性耦合器以用于互通信的可缩放计算机系统 Having a surface mount capacitive coupling to the computer system for scalable intercommunication

技术领域 FIELD

本发明与计算机系统有关,具体地说,涉及由各具有一些电容性耦合器(capacitive coupler)的子系统构成的可缩放计算机,所述电容性耦合器安装在子系统表面上以与相邻的子系统进行通信。 The present invention relates to computer systems and, more particularly, relates to a scalable computer each having a number of capacitive coupling (capacitive coupler) of the subsystems, the capacitive coupling is mounted to the upper surface of the adjacent subsystem subsystems communicate.


现代的计算机和通信系统通常包括一些各实现一个或多个计算或通信功能的子系统。 Modern computer and communication systems typically include some implementations one or more computing or communication functions of the subsystem. 例子有计算服务器、因特网web服务器、存储服务器和基于分组的通信交换机。 Examples of compute servers, Internet web servers, storage servers and a packet-based communications switch. 每个子系统包括它的独特的电的和机械的部件,这些部件包括印刷线路板组件、内部布线和连接器等。 Each subsystem includes its unique electrical and mechanical components, these components include a printed wiring board assembly, internal wiring and connectors. 每个子系统装有外部连接器插座,用来与其他子系统通信和获得电源。 Each subsystem is equipped with an external connector socket for communications and other subsystems and obtain power. 这些子系统相互接近地安装在呈现为工业标准规格的机箱或自定义规格的机架的机械结构内。 These subsystems are mounted close to each other for presenting industry standard or customized specification chassis of the mechanical structure of the rack.

图1例示了一个具有两个服务器10和数据存储装置11的典型现代计算中心。 Figure 1 illustrates a typical modern computing center two servers 10 and data storage means having 11. 服务器10包括一些子系统12,分别安装在一些工业标准的19英寸机箱内。 Server 10 includes a number of sub-12, were installed in a number of industry-standard 19-inch chassis. 存储装置11的子系统13安装在一个自定义规格的机架内。 11 of 13 subsystem storage device installed in the rack a custom specification. 服务器10和存储装置11通常处在一个环境受控的数据中心或服务器机房内。 Server 10 and the storage device 11 generally within an environmentally controlled data center or server room. 子系统12-13相互连接,而且还通过电缆或光缆与外部通信链路连接。 12-13 interconnected subsystems, but also to connect with the outside through a cable or fiber optic communication link. AC或DC功率也必须提供给子系统12-13,通常从一个电源通过楼面下的电缆15分配。 AC or DC power must be supplied to the subsystem 12-13, usually from a power source through a cable under the floor 15 of distribution.

图1这种基于机柜/机架的结构具有以下一些优点:(1)子系统可以任意布置在机房内,受到的只是冷却和电缆铺设的限制,以及(2)子系统可以具有不同的形状因子。 Figure 1 this arrangement cabinet / rack-based has the following advantages: (1) sub-system may be arbitrarily disposed in the engine room, the only restrictions being cooled and the cable laying, and (2) sub-system may have a different shape factors . 然而,这种封装结构在操作上有以下一些缺点:(1)升级困难;(2)电缆需要管理;(3)连接器不可靠;以及(4)布线和电缆组件不可靠。 However, this package there are shortcomings in the operation of some of the following: (1) difficult to upgrade; (2) cable management needs; (3) connector unreliable; and (4) wiring and cable assemblies unreliable. 这些问题会使今天的高性能的计算机和通信系统的总体不可靠,从而导致增大拥有、维护和升级这种系统的成本。 The overall performance of today's computer and communication systems of these issues will be unreliable, leading to increased ownership, maintenance and upgrade costs of such a system.

当前的计算机和通信系统的第一个缺点是在需要扩展系统的容量或功能时会遇到困难。 The first drawback of the current computer and communication systems to expand capacity is needed or when the function of the system will encounter difficulties. 即使系统设计成能适应一定程度的发展,也会出现这种情况。 Even if the system is designed to accommodate a certain degree of development, will happen. 例如,为了将一个新的服务器接入网络,需要将一些附加的通信电缆接到一个网络交换机上。 For example, a new server in order to access the network, needs to be some additional communication cable connected to a network switch. 然而,如果这个交换机的容量已完全分配,自由网络端口不足,升级就会相当困难和昂贵,特别是在进行扩展的同时系统必须仍然运行的情况下。 However, if the capacity of the switch has been completely assigned, insufficient free network port, the upgrade can be quite difficult and expensive, especially in the case of simultaneously performing the broadening system must still run.

当前计算机和通信系统的第二个缺点是对互连电缆铺设和布线的管理。 A second drawback of the current computer and communication systems is the management of interconnection cabling and wiring. 如果一个计算机设施内有大量的线和电缆,维修和支持员工错误地连接或断开电缆的事情并不罕见。 If there are a lot of wires and cables in a computer facility, maintenance and support staff mistakenly connect or disconnect the cable thing is not uncommon. 也可能出现其他的错误,诸如将电缆插入错误的子系统和留下电缆没有连接之类,特别是在必须迅速恢复系统运行时。 Other errors may also occur, such as the cable into subsystems and error type cable is not connected to the left, particularly in the rapid recovery system must be running. 对于光缆来说,还必须选择适当的速度、波长和距离参数。 For cable, it must also choose the right speed, wavelength and distance parameters.

当前计算机和通信系统的第三个缺点是连接器不可靠。 The current third disadvantage computer and communication systems are not reliable connector. 电连接器可能由于可能导致磨蚀的微摩擦磨损而随时间恶化。 Electrical connector may lead to erosion due to possible micro-friction and wear and deteriorate over time. 随着金属连接器的侵蚀,它的电阻增大,导致系统内出现间歇性故障或硬故障。 With the erosion of the metal connector, its resistance increases, resulting in intermittent failures in the system or hardware failure. 光连接器可以由于受到处置不当、震动或被手指油腻或灰尘污染而在系统内间歇性地开路。 Optical connectors can be due to improper disposal, vibration or dust contamination or greasy fingers and intermittently open circuit in the system. 此外,光电收发器也可能失灵。 In addition, optical transceivers may malfunction. 这些危险和故障导致系统的维护费用增大。 These risks and failures lead to system maintenance costs increase.

当前计算机系统的第四个缺点是电缆不可靠和成本高。 Current computer systems fourth disadvantage is that the cable is not reliable and high cost. 电缆和光缆都可能被断开、裂缝、弯曲、挤压或受到其他不当的处置。 And optical cables are likely to be broken, cracks, bending, squeezing or otherwise improper disposal. 基于玻璃的光缆还可能由于被踩或超过弯曲半径而损坏。 Also may be due to being stepped on or over bend radius and damage the glass-based fiber optic cable. 虽然电缆通常设计成能满足一定的系统参数,但它们并不总是制造成满足这样的容差。 Although the cables are typically designed to meet certain system parameters, but they are not always fabricated to meet this tolerance.

电缆也可能载有不合需要的在机架地或信号地处于不同电位的各子系统之间的屏蔽电流或地电流,特别是在这些子系统由不同的AC分支电路供电时。 Cable may also contain between subsystems in a rack or a signal to be at a different potential undesirable shield or ground current, especially when these subsystems from different AC branch circuit. 电缆也可能不希望地捡取外部电磁干扰或静电放电。 Cable also may not want to seizure external electromagnetic interference or electrostatic discharge. 这些不需要的屏蔽、地或信号电流可能在子系统之间的通信中引起间歇性错误或硬错误,导致在整个系统内出现暂时性的故障或硬故障。 These unwanted shield, or the signal current may cause intermittent errors or hard errors in communication between subsystems, resulting in a temporary failure or hard fault occurs within the entire system.

以上这些缺点都会增加现有计算机和通信系统的不可靠性、不灵活性和成本。 These drawbacks will increase the unreliability of existing computer and communication systems, inflexibility and cost. 因此,有必要开发一种互连可靠而简单的、扩展和维修容易的模块化计算机系统。 Therefore, it is necessary to develop a reliable and simple interconnection, expansion and maintenance easy modular computer system.


本发明的一个目的是提供一种在子系统通信中不用传统的连接器和电缆的可靠的计算机系统设计。 An object of the present invention is to provide a reliable computer system design without conventional connectors and cables in the subsystem communication.

本发明的另一个目的是提供一种功能和容量很容易扩展而对运行影响很小的计算机系统。 Another object of the present invention is to provide a functional and capacity can be easily extended and has little effect on the operation of a computer system.

本发明的再一个目的是提供一种可以降低支持、维护、空间和拥有成本的高度紧凑的计算机系统设计。 It is a further object of the present invention is to provide a lower support, maintenance, highly compact computer system design and cost of ownership.

本发明的又一个目的是提供仅以直线滑动就可将子系统物理插入计算机系统和从计算机系统取下子系统的能力。 Still another object of the present invention is to provide a linear slide can only be inserted into a computer system and subsystems physical ability subsystem is removed from the computer system.

为了达到这些及其他一些目的,本发明提供了一种由一些子系统或者“模块”构成的计算机系统,这些子系统排列在一起,使得相邻子系统可以通过位于子系统表面的表面安装电容性耦合器相互通信。 To achieve these and other objects, the present invention provides a number of subsystems or by the "module" computer system composed of, these subsystems are arranged together, so that the subsystem can be located adjacent the surface of the surface mounting capacitive subsystem coupler communicate with each other. 这些子系统可以排列成两维或三维结构,以执行通用计算、数据存储和网络通信功能或这样一些功能的组合。 These subsystems can be arranged in two-dimensional or three-dimensional structure to perform a combination of general-purpose computing, data storage and network communication function or some such functions. 在本发明的一个优选实施例中,用一些立方形子系统来实现计算机系统。 In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, with some cubic subsystems to implement a computer system.

每个电容性耦合器包括两个半耦合器,每个半耦合器处在一个子系统的一个外表面上。 Each capacitive coupling comprises two half couplers, each coupler half in a outer surface of a subsystem. 每个半耦合器包括一个不导电的基片、一个或多个配置在基片上的导电垫片(pad),这些垫片通过导电引线接到承载子系统的电路上。 Each half-coupler comprises a non-conductive substrate, one or more configuration on a substrate of conductive pads (pad), the spacer through the conductive leads to the carrier on the circuit subsystem. 为了改善电信号的传输和提供子系统之间的DC隔离,垫片用具有高介电常数的低损耗介电材料覆盖。 In order to improve the transmission of electrical signals and to provide DC isolation between the subsystems, the gasket with low-loss dielectric material having a high dielectric constant coverage. 此外,优选的是,信号是一个包括正信号和负(补)信号的差动信号(differential signal)。 In addition, it is preferable that the signal is a signal including a positive and a negative (complementary) signal, the differential signal (differential signal). 每个子系统用两个垫片(在一个半耦合器上)来传送正、负信号。 Each subsystem with two washers (on a half coupler) to transfer the positive and negative signals. 这两个垫片称为一个差动垫片对。 Both pads called a differential gasket right.

差动发送和接收电路通常分别接到每个子系统的发送和接收半耦合器上,以支持子系统发送和接收的差动信号。 Differential transmit and receive circuits typically are connected to the transmit and receive half couplers each subsystem to support sending and receiving subsystem of the differential signal. 发送和接收电路再接到子系统内的其余电子设备上。 Sending and receiving circuit and then received the remaining electronic devices within the subsystem. 信号可以是一个双向信号。 Signal may be a bi-directional signal.

在本发明的一个优选实施例中,系统是一个由一些立方形子系统构成的三维计算机系统。 In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the system is a three-dimensional computer system consisting of a number of sub-cube. 每个子系统包括一个8端口、基于分组的交换机芯片,它与六个半耦合器双向连接和通过一个网络接口芯片与一个内部处理器双向连接。 Each subsystem consists of an 8-port, a packet-based switch chip, which two-way connection with the six half-coupler and processor with an internal bi-directional connection via a network interface chip. 此外,交换机通过一个媒体访问控制器(MAC)和一个编码器/解码器(ENDEC)和串行器/解串行器(SERDES)芯片接到一个外部网上。 In addition, the switch via a Media Access Controller (MAC) and an encoder / decoder (ENDEC) and serializer / deserializer (SERDES) chip connected to an external network. 子系统提供每秒20吉字节的进出子系统的总带宽。 Subsystem provides a total bandwidth of 20 gigabytes per second out of the subsystem.

为了在两个相邻子系统之间具有有效的电容耦合,优选的是用一个弹簧机构提供轻微压力,以将相对的半耦合器保持在一起。 In order to have between two adjacent sub-effective capacitive coupling, it is preferable to provide a slight pressure with a spring mechanism, relative to the half-coupler together. 此外,半耦合器通常安装在具有一些凸起和凹陷的不导电的承载件上,使得导电垫片可以跨相对的半耦合器有效地正确对准。 In addition, half-coupler is usually installed in a number of projections having a non-conductive carrier member and recessed on, so that the conductive pads across the opposing half-coupler effectively correct alignment.

本发明的其他目的和优点将在随后的说明中阐述,部分在说明和附图中是显而易见的,或者在实施本发明中可以体会到的。 Other objects and advantages of the invention will be set forth in the description which follows, and in part will be obvious from the description and drawings, or in the embodiment of the present invention can understand that.

附图说明 Brief Description

图1例示了现有技术的计算机和通信系统的典型配置。 Figure 1 illustrates a typical configuration of the art computer and communications systems.

图2示出了按照本发明设计的一种可缩放的三维计算机系统。 Figure 2 illustrates a scalable three-dimensional computer system designed in accordance with the present invention.

图3示出了本发明的壁装式可缩放的两维计算机或通信系统的优选实施例。 Figure 3 shows the present invention is preferably a wall-mounted scalable two-dimensional computer or communications system embodiments.

图4示出了按照本发明设计的两个相邻的带有被对准的相对电容性半耦合器的子系统模块的例子。 Figure 4 shows an example of the present invention is designed in accordance with two adjacent aligned with the relative half-coupler capacitive subsystem modules.

图5例示了本发明的电容性耦合器的导电垫片的例子。 Figure 5 illustrates an example of the capacitive coupling of the conductive pads of the present invention.

图6示出了按照本发明设计的一个差动电容性半耦合器的侧视图。 Figure 6 illustrates a differential capacitive half-coupler according to the present invention is designed in side view.

图7示出了按照本发明设计的一个差动电容性半耦合器的顶视图。 Figure 7 shows a top view of a differential capacitive half-coupler according to the present invention is designed.

图8例示了按照本发明设计的导电差动垫片与子系统电子设备之间的例示性布线情况。 Figure 8 illustrates an exemplary wiring according to the present invention is designed for differential conductive gasket between electronic devices and subsystems.

图9为示出按照本发明设计的立方形子系统的一个优选实施例的子系统电路功能的方框图。 9 is a block diagram illustrating a subsystem of the present invention preferably cuboidal design implementation subsystem circuit functions embodiment.

图10例示了本发明的半耦合器的对准和固定装置的一个例子。 Figure 10 illustrates an example of a half coupler of the present invention and the alignment fixture.


本发明提出了一种用于计算机或通信系统的高度可缩放和紧凑的结构。 The present invention provides a high degree of computer or communication system is scalable and compact. 这些系统由一些外形相同的子系统(也称为“模块(brick)”)构成,每个子系统在它的外表面上有一些电容性的半耦合器,用来与周围的子系统通信。 These systems consist of a number of identical shape subsystem (also referred to as "module (brick)"), each of the subsystem in its outer surface has some capacitive half-coupler, is used to communicate with the surrounding subsystems. 虽然用电容性耦合器来对本发明进行说明,但本发明的系统也可以用其他类型的耦合器,如光耦合器。 Although by capacitive couplers of the present invention will be described, but the system of the present invention can also be used other types of couplers, such as optocouplers. 图2示出了本发明的一个可缩放的三维计算机系统的优选实施例。 Figure 2 shows a preferred a scaled three-dimensional computer system of the present embodiment of the invention. 这个系统包括多个叠在一起的子系统20,每个子系统具有至少一个表面与另一个子系统的至少一个表面紧邻或接触。 This system includes a plurality of stacked sub-system 20, each subsystem having at least one surface of at least one surface with another subsystem or proximate contact. 例如,在图2中,子系统20与子系统21至23接触。 For example, in Figure 2, in contact with the subsystem 20 subsystem 21-23. 每个子系统表面包括一个或多个下面要详细说明的电容性半耦合器25。 Semi capacitive coupling surface of each sub-system comprises one or more of the following detailed description is 25. 每个子系统20可以是一个数据处理单元(服务器)、数据存储单元、联网单元或其他与计算机有关的功能部件。 Each subsystem 20 may be a data processing unit (server), the data storage unit, a network unit, or other computer-related features. 通过将电容性半耦合器25对准(alignment),这些子系统20一起执行整个系统的计算各或通信功能,而不需要在它们之间用传统的电缆和连接器。 By capacitive coupling half 25 is aligned (alignment), the execution subsystem 20 of the system together with the respective computing or communication capabilities, without the need therebetween conventional cables and connectors.

在本发明的一个优选实施例中,子系统20装在一个底座24上,底座24为这些子系统提供机械结构支撑和提供来自电源连接26的功率。 In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, subsystem 20 is mounted on a base 24, base 24 and provide structural support to provide mechanical power from the power supply 26 is connected to these subsystems. 底座24也可以接受对其他系统或外部通信网络的连接27。 Base 24 may also be connected to other systems or to accept the external communication network 27. 通常,还有一些机构(未示出)用来散发子系统所产生的热。 Typically, some mechanism (not shown) is used to radiate the heat generated by the subsystem.

本发明的这些子系统安排在这样的结构中,使得它们在物理上相互非常靠近,以在它们之间形成切实可行的电容性耦合器。 These subsystems of the present invention is arranged in such a configuration, such that they are physically very close to each other to form between them viable capacitive coupling. 此外,为了形成有用的计算机或通信系统,这些子系统模块排列成两维或三维结构,以便有尽量多的子系统表面与其他子系统表面接触。 Further, in order to form a useful computer or communication systems, these subsystems are arranged in two-dimensional or three-dimensional module structure, so that there is as much surface contact with other subsystems subsystem surface. 虽然图2所示的本发明的优选实施例由一些各具有六个表面的立方形子系统20构成,但模块也可以是其他形状的。 Although the preferred shown in Figure 2 the present embodiment of the invention by a number of cubic each having six surfaces constituting the subsystem 20, but the module may also be other shapes. 例如,子系统的形状可以是三棱形(具有五个表面)、六棱形(具有八个表面)或十二面形(具有十二个表面)。 For example, the shape may be a three-prism subsystem (having five faces), six prism (having eight surface) or dodecahedral shape (having twelve surfaces). 图3例示了一个具有一些立方形子系统的二维结构的例子,这些子系统31装在一个支承墙30上。 Figure 3 illustrates an example of a two-dimensional structure having a number of cuboidal subsystems, these subsystems 31 mounted on a supporting wall 30. 支承墙30具有为各子系统供电的电源连接33。 The supporting wall 30 having a power supply for each subsystem 33 is connected. 每个子系统31通过耦合器32与它相邻的子系统通信。 Each subsystem 31 through the coupler 32 and its adjacent communications subsystem. 为了使相对的半耦合器充分对准,可用如螺钉之类的机械装置将子系统31固定到支承墙30上,使这些子系统31保持在一起。 In order to make the opposing half-coupler fully aligned, the available mechanical means such as screws or the like of the subsystem 31 is fixed to the support wall 30, 31 so that these subsystems are held together. 此外,可用诸如表面凸起和凹陷之类的联锁或对准装置来保证相对的半耦合器适当定位、相互对准和接触。 In addition, the available surface such as projections and interlocking alignment means or the like recesses to ensure proper relative positioning of the coupling half, are aligned and in contact.

图4示出了两个相邻的分别具有各自的半耦合器42和43的子系统40和41(为了清晰起见,将它们示为分开的)。 Figure 4 shows two adjacent each having a respective half-couplers 42 and 43 of the subsystems 40 and 41 (for clarity, they are shown as separate). 半耦合器42和43分别处在子系统表面48和49上,与各自的子系统电路电连接。 Half couplers 42 and 43 are respectively in the upper surface 48 and subsystem 49, connected to the respective subsystems circuitry electrically. 为了清晰起见,图中没有示出子系统电路。 For clarity, not shown in FIG subsystem circuit. 子系统48-49装在一起适当对准后,半耦合器42-43形成一个在这两个子系统之间支持通信的电容性耦合器。 Subsystem 48-49 fit together properly aligned, the semi-coupler 42-43 form a support for communication between the two subsystems capacitive coupling.

一个电容性耦合器包括一个半耦合器42和一个半耦合器43两个部分。 A capacitive coupler comprises two portions 43 a half coupler 42 and one half coupler. 虽然每个半耦合器既可以包括发送器和又可以包括接收器,但为了清晰起见图4中只示出了一个在半耦合器42上的发送器垫片44和一个在半耦合器43上的接收器垫片45。 Although each half-coupler may include both a transmitter and a receiver and can include, but for clarity in FIG. 4 shows only a half-coupler in the transmitter 42 on the spacer 44, and a half-coupler 43 receiver gasket 45. 发送半耦合器42处在子系统40的表面48上。 Send half coupler 42 at the upper surface 40 of the subsystem 48. 接收半耦合器43处在子系统41的表面49上。 Receiver half 43 at the upper surface of the coupler 41 of the subsystem 49. 半耦合器42将电信号传送给半耦合器43。 Half coupler 42 to electrical signals to the half-coupler 43. 这些信号是时变的,用来对在子系统40和41之间传送的信息编码。 These signals are time-varying, used to encode information between subsystems 40 and 41 are transmitted.

为了改善性能,子系统通常发送和接收差动形式的电信号,即正信号和负信号的互补对。 To improve performance, the differential transmission and reception subsystems typically form an electrical signal, i.e., the positive and negative signals of the complementary pair. 因此,需要两个垫片对在两个子系统上的相对半耦合器之间传送一个差动信号。 Therefore, the need for spacers between the two subsystems on two opposite half-coupler transmits a differential signal. 图5例示了一个支持差动传信的差动电容性耦合器。 Figure 5 illustrates a differential signaling support differential capacitive coupling. 这个差动电容性耦合器包括半耦合器52和53。 The differential capacitive coupler includes a coupler half 52 and 53. 半耦合器52包括差动垫片对54和55,分别与子系统引线50和51连接。 Half-coupler 52 includes a differential pair of shims 54 and 55, respectively connected to the leads 50 and 51 subsystem. 半耦合器53包括相对的差动垫片对56和57,分别与子系统引线58和59连接。 Half-coupler 53 includes opposing spacer 56 and the differential 57, respectively connected to the leads 58 and 59 subsystem. 垫片55和57传送差动信号的正信号。 Gasket 55 and 57 transmit a positive signal of the differential signal. 垫片54和56传送差动信号的负信号。 Negative signal pads 54 and 56 transmit differential signals.

图6示出了一个支持一个差动信号的差动垫片对(如图5中的差动垫片对54-55)的侧视图。 Figure 6 shows a support for a differential signal of the differential pair of shims (shown in Figure 5, the differential pair of shims 54-55) a side view. 它包括一个不导电的基片60,上面淀积或贴有金属垫片61和62。 It comprises a non-conductive substrate 60, or a metal is deposited on top of spacer 61 and 62. 金属垫片61和62被一个非常薄的绝缘介电材料层65覆盖,而分别通过导电引线63和64与子系统电路(未示出)连接。 Metal shims 61 and 62 are a very thin insulating layer of dielectric material 65 covered, respectively, by conductive leads 63 and 64 and subsystem circuit (not shown). 优选的是,引线63-64通过基片内的小通路66接到金属垫片61-62上。 Preferably, the lead 63-64 through a small passage 66 within the substrate connected to the metal pads 61-62.

在本发明的一个优选实施例中,半耦合器用标准的多层厚膜丝网印刷过程陶瓷模块技术设计制造。 In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the semi-coupled Used standard multilayer thick film screen printing process, a ceramic module design and manufacturing technology. 图6中的基片60用氧化铝制成,厚度为1毫米。 Figure 6 formed from alumina substrate 60, a thickness of 1 mm. 金属垫片61-62优选的是用7微米厚的银钯合金构成。 Metal gasket 7 is preferably 61-62 m thick silver-palladium alloy. 电介质涂层65优选的是用相对电容率或介电常数为8至10的7微米厚的标准可结晶丝网印刷厚膜介电材料制成。 A preferred dielectric coating 65 with a relative permittivity or dielectric constant of 7 microns thick 8-10 crystallizable standard screen printed thick film dielectric material. 一种优选的介电材料是DuPontElectrics QM44。 A preferred dielectric material is DuPontElectrics QM44. 垫片上的电介质涂层可以提供每个垫片大约500V的静电放电(ESD)隔离(或者在差动对垫片之间1000V的ESD隔离)和1兆欧的电阻。 Dielectric coating may be provided on each of the spacer shims of approximately 500V electrostatic discharge (ESD) isolation (or 1000V isolation between differential gasket ESD) and a one megohm resistor. 假设子系统电子设备提供了附加的ESD输入串联保护。 Assuming electronics subsystem provides additional input series ESD protection.

在两个电容性半耦合器适当对准以形成一个电容性耦合器时,电介质涂层65优选的是与相对的半耦合器的电介质涂层轻微物理接触。 In both capacitive coupling half is properly aligned to form a capacitive coupling, the dielectric coating 65 is preferably in contact with the opposite half of the coupler dielectric coating slight physical. 紧邻的差动金属垫片和电介质涂层以及任何不希望的插入空气隙形成了一个平行板电容器。 Metal gaskets and immediately adjacent differential dielectric coating and any undesirable air gaps inserted to form a parallel plate capacitor. 由于电容器的位移电流,时变信号在两个相对的半耦合器之间以电磁方式传送。 Since the capacitor of the displacement current, time-varying signal transmitted electromagnetically between two opposing half-coupler.

图7示出了图6的差动电容性半耦合器的顶视图。 Figure 7 shows a top view of FIG differential capacitive coupling half 6. 金属垫片71和72配置在基片70上,被一层介电材料(未示出)覆盖。 Metal shims 71 and 72 disposed on the substrate 70, is a layer of dielectric material (not shown) covers. 电引线74和75分别将垫片71和72连接到子系统的电子设备上。 Electrical leads 74 and 75 to liner 71 and 72 are respectively connected to the electronic equipment subsystems. 垫片71-72的外尺寸通常是每个边为5至9毫米。 Gasket outer dimensions are typically 71-72 each edge of 5-9 mm. 正垫片71和负垫片72之间的间距通常在2至6毫米范围内。 72 is the spacing between the spacer shims 71 and the negative is usually within the range of 2-6 mm.

图8并列例示了两个子系统A和B之间的多个差动电容性耦合器的优选实施例。 Figure 8 illustrates a plurality of parallel differential capacitive coupling between the two subsystems A and B of the preferred embodiment. 子系统A和B通常分别包括内部电子电路86和84,提供如前面所说明的计算和通信功能。 Subsystem A and B, respectively, generally comprises an internal electronic circuit 86 and 84, there is provided computing and communication functions previously explained. 子系统A的差动垫片对处在半耦合器80上。 A differential gasket on the subsystem in a half coupler 80. 子系统B的差动垫片对处在半耦合器81上。 Differential shim subsystem B in the upper half of the coupler 81. 子系统A的发送半耦合器通过发送电路88接到子系统电子设备86上。 A half-coupler subsystem transmits through the transmitting circuit 88 connected to the electronic device 86 on the subsystem. 子系统A的接收差动垫片对通过接收电路87接到子系统电子设备86上。 A reception differential shims subsystem through a receiving circuit 87 for receiving an electronic device 86 on the subsystem. 类似,子系统B的发送和接收差动垫片对分别通过发送电路85和接收电路89接到它的电子设备84上。 Similarly, the differential transmission and reception of each shim subsystem B through the transmission circuit 85 and reception circuit 89 connected to the electronic device 84 on it. 注意,子系统A的接收垫片对82子系统B的发送垫片对83相对。 Note that the receiving subsystem A spacer shim 82 of the transmission subsystem 83 relative to B.

由于有四个差动垫片对连接到子系统A的发送器88上和有四个差动垫片对连接到子系统B的接收器89上,因此有四个信道可以用来同时将数据从子系统A传送给子系统B。 Since there are four differential pair of shims A subsystem connected to the transmitter 88 and the gasket has four differential pair is connected to the receiver subsystem B on 89, so there are four channels of data can be used simultaneously A transfer from subsystem to subsystem B. 在相反方向上,四个信道可以用剩下的那些差动垫片对将数据从子系统B传送给子系统A。 In the opposite direction, the four channels can be used for the rest of those differential shim B transmits the data from the subsystem to the subsystem A.

每个子系统的发送和接收耦合器的数目取决于子系统电子设备需要的所需子系统互连通信带宽。 The number of transmit and receive coupler for each subsystem depends on the electronic device subsystems interconnected subsystems required communication bandwidth required. 例如,如果每个垫片或线对具有3.125吉比特/秒的能力,那么每个耦合器的四个单向差动线路的总带宽就为12.5吉比特/秒。 For example, if each line of the spacer or ability 3.125 Gbit / s, then the total bandwidth of each of the coupler of the four-way differential line on the 12.5 Gbit / s. 就双向来说,也就是12.5吉比特/秒进入子系统和12.5吉比特/秒送出子系统。 On two-way, it is 12.5 Gbit / s into the subsystem and 12.5 Gbit / s sent subsystem. 如果每个差动线路是8B/10B编码的,一对具有这四个双向信道的子系统之间的总可用带宽为20吉比特/秒,或2.5吉字节/秒。 If each differential line is 8B / 10B encoding, the total available bandwidth between the pair of subsystems having four bi-directional channel is 20 Gbit / s, or 2.5 gigabytes / sec.

半耦合器80可以按照基于分组的通信数据链路物理层标准(如Ethernet、Fibre Channel或InfiniBand)将一个或多个独立的比特串行数据信道传送给图8的半耦合器81。 Half-coupler 80 may be transferred to the half-coupler 81 of FIG. 8 in accordance with the communication data link physical layer standards (such as Ethernet, Fibre Channel, or InfiniBand) packets based on one or more separate bit serial data channel.

在本发明的优选实施例中,假设物理层是基于比特串行的8B/10B数据编码、不归零和差动电压电平的。 In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, it is assumed the physical layer is based on bit serial 8B / 10B encoded data, not zero, and the differential voltage level. 8B/10B编码例如可参见美国专利4,486,739“Byte-oriented DC-balanced(0,4)8B/10B PartitionedBlock Transsmission Code”。 8B / 10B encoding, for example see U.S. Patent No. 4,486,739 "Byte-oriented DC-balanced (0,4) 8B / 10B PartitionedBlock Transsmission Code". 接收时钟可以由子系统电子设备从所接收的串行数据流得出。 Subsystems receive clock can be derived by the electronic device from the received serial data stream. 也可以采用其他数据链路和物理层协议,虽然一般说来电容性耦合器需要足够的带宽来传送数据链路码的最低频率分量。 Also possible to employ other data link and physical layer protocols, although the capacitive coupling generally requires enough bandwidth to transmit the data link code lowest frequency component.

图9例示地示出一个典型的立方形子系统模块的优选实施例的主要功能的方框图。 The main function of a block diagram of a preferred embodiment illustrated in FIG. 9 shows a typical embodiment of cubic subsystem module. 这个子系统包括一个8端口、低等待时间的基于分组的交换机芯片90,它与六个半耦合器91-96连接和通过网络接口芯片(NIC)98与内部处理器97连接。 This subsystem consists of an 8-port, low-latency packet-based switch chip 90, which is connected and 91-96 (NIC) 98 is connected to the internal processor 97 via the network interface chip with six half-coupler. 此外,交换机90还通过媒体访问控制器(MAC)91和编码器/解码器(ENDEC)和串行器/解串行器(SERDES)芯片92接到一个外部网上。 In addition, the switch 90 through the media access controller (MAC) 91 and the encoder / decoder (ENDEC) and serializer / deserializer (SERDES) chip 92 receives an external network. 这个连接通常位于在一个系统内的一个外部子系统的外表面,以便于接入。 This connection is usually located in the outer surface of a system according to an external subsystem, to facilitate access. 以上面所举耦合器的参数为例,这个立方形子系统将提供为20吉字节/秒(82.5)的进出子系统的总带宽。 Cited above, coupled with the parameters, for example, this subsystem will provide 20 cubic gigabytes / sec (8 2.5) out of the total bandwidth of the subsystem.

在本发明的优选实施例中,低损耗差动耦合器的特性阻抗应该从子系统电子设备经过线对传输线直到差动半耦合器接近于某个固定值,如100欧姆。 In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the characteristic impedance should be low-loss from the differential coupler subsystem electronic device via wire until the differential pair of transmission lines is close to a half-coupling fixed value, such as 100 ohms. 传输线可以是两根分开的50欧姆同轴电缆;100欧姆差动对同轴电缆;100欧姆双绞线;或者双轴同轴电缆。 Transmission lines may be two separate 50-ohm coaxial cable; 100 ohm differential pair coaxial cable; 100 Ohm twisted pair; biaxial or coaxial cable. 差动传信线对是优选的,因为它在两根线上传送电磁信号,以电磁波传播的方式通过耦合器,而不传送任何显著的返地电流或其他可能引起不希望的噪声干扰的共模电流。 Differential signaling pairs are preferred because it transmits electromagnetic signals in the two lines, by way of an electromagnetic wave propagating through the coupler, but not to transfer any significant return ground current or other noise may cause undesirable interference co mode currents. 优选的差动信号电压电平通常是峰-峰值在1V以下。 Preferred differential signal voltage level is usually peak - at below 1V.

此外,电容性耦合器设计成使得它的频率响应在预期的工作范围中可合理达到的前提下尽可能不衰减,通常频率通带从100兆赫到7吉赫。 Furthermore, the capacitive coupling is designed such that its frequency response at the desired operating range as reasonably achievable premise does not decay, usually the frequency passband from 100 MHz to 7 GHz. 高频滚降要求由接收电子设备的能力确定,以从信号恢复编码数据,在接收电子设备给出接收“眼图”。 High frequency roll-off is determined by the capacity requirements of the receiving electronic device, to recover the signal from the encoded data, received by the receiving electronic apparatus is given in the "eye diagram." 这些信号处理电路可以包括在发送之前或在接收之后对编码信号执行反变换的能力,以便除去与频率有关的码间干扰。 These signal processing circuits may be included in or before sending a coded signal to the ability to perform an inverse transform in order to remove inter-code interference frequency dependent after reception. 低频滚降要求由需要通过耦合器发送的最低频率给出,如由物理层代码和信道比特错误可靠性所规定的。 Low-frequency roll-off request from the lowest frequency to be transmitted through the coupler is given, such as the physical layer channel bit error code and the reliability requirements. 随着所传送的数据速度和频率内容的增加,对最小电容的要求降低。 With increased speed and frequency content of the transmitted data, the requirements for minimum capacitance decreases. 例如,8B/10B码将代码规定成在链路上不能有连续五个以上的比特具有同样极性。 For example, 8B / 10B code is a predetermined code into the link can not have more than five consecutive bits having the same polarity. 例如,一个3.125吉比特/秒信号(具有320ps比特信元宽度)没有显著的在1/((5+5)0.32ns)=312兆赫以下的低频内容。 For example, a 3.125 Gbit / s signal (having a bit cell width 320ps) no significant at 1 / ((5 + 5) 0.32ns) = 312 MHz or less low frequency content.

在本发明的优选实施例中,在构建期间和垫片淀积之前,用标准硅片研磨机将半耦合器氧化铝基片研磨到正负3微米的平坦容差或者在必要的垫片区域有更好的平坦容差。 In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, prior to and during the build spacer deposition, using a standard silicon wafer grinder half coupler alumina substrate polished flat to plus or minus 3 micrometers or tolerances necessary spacer region have a better flatness tolerance. 这样做可以大大减小在相对的电容性半耦合器之间形成不希望有的空气隙。 This can be greatly reduced between the opposed capacitive coupling half formed undesirable air gaps. 由于耦合器可以模型化成两个电容器串联,第一个是由于任何空气电介质形成的Cair,第二个是由于垫片上的电介质涂层形成的Ccoating,因此电容性耦合器的总近似电容可通过1/(1/Cair+2/Ccoating),接近于Cair,即使Ccoating无限增大也不能超过Cair。 Since the coupler can be modeled as two capacitors in series, the first one is for any Cair air dielectric formed, the second is due to the dielectric coating Ccoating spacer formed on, and therefore the total capacitive coupling of the capacitor can be approximated by 1 / (1 / Cair + 2 / Ccoating), close to Cair, even Ccoating unlimited increase can not exceed Cair. 然而,优选采用高的介电膜电容率,因此是高的Ccoating,因为这会导致更接近由空气隙决定的电容Cair的总电容。 However, it is preferable to use a high permittivity dielectric film, and therefore is high Ccoating, because this leads to closer to the total capacitance of the air gap determines the capacitance Cair. 典型的在接触的半耦合器之间形成的电容,取决于半耦合器的大小和陶瓷衬底的平坦度,在20至100皮法之间。 Typical capacitance between the contact half-coupler formed, depending on the flatness of the size of half couplers and ceramic substrate, between 20 and 100 picofarads.

除了氧化铝之外,耦合器基片的另一种优选材料是柔性的聚酰亚胺膜而不是刚性的陶瓷板。 In addition to alumina, another preferred coupler of the substrate material is a flexible polyimide film instead of a rigid ceramic plate. 聚酰亚胺膜基片的优点是它不需要是精确平坦的,而只需要与它的相对的柔性聚酰亚胺半耦合器一致。 Advantages of the polyimide film substrate is that it does not need to be precisely planar, but only need to be consistent with its opposite flexible polyimide half-coupler.

至于金属垫片上的电介质涂层,除了Dupont QM44之外,也可以使用其他高介电的材料,如基于钛氧化物的钛酸钡,它的介电常数为30至60。 As for the dielectric coating on the metal gasket, in addition Dupont QM44 addition, also possible to use other high dielectric material, such as titanium oxide, barium titanate-based, it has a dielectric constant of 30 to 60.

概括地说,电容性半耦合器安装在子系统的外表面上,使得它们刚好以轻微压力与相对的半耦合器接触,以便尽量减少任何插入的空气。 Broadly speaking, the capacitive coupling half mounted on the outer surface of the subsystems, such that they are just a slight pressure contact with the opposite coupling half, in order to minimize any intervening air. 在耦合器的承载件的表面上可以提供一些对准凸起和凹陷,使得发送垫片恰好与相对的接收垫片对准。 On the surface of the carrier member of the coupler can provide some alignment projections and recesses, so that the transmission spacer is exactly aligned with the relative received gasket. 图10示出了带有一个对准机构和在半耦合器之间提供轻微压力的承载件的电容性耦合器的一个优选实施例。 Figure 10 illustrates a capacitive coupling of a carrier having a preferred alignment mechanism between the half and the coupler provides a slight pressure embodiment. 垫片103安装在氧化铝基片1001上,而氧化铝基片1001安装在塑料承载件101上。 Spacer 103 is mounted on an alumina substrate 1001, and an alumina substrate 1001 is mounted on a plastic carrier member 101. 塑料承载件101再安装在一个子系统表面的开口(未示出)内。 Plastic carrier 101 to install in the open surface of one subsystem (not shown). 有一个弹簧机构104缓和地将与基片100相连的承载件101从子系统的中央向外推。 There is a spring mechanism 104 will be gently pushed outwardly from the central subsystem 101 and the substrate 100 is connected to the carrier member. 在两个子系统相互滑过时,用塑料承载件101将两个半耦合器的基片相互分开,相互移过。 Slide over each other when the two subsystems, the plastic carrier 101 with two half couplers substrate separated from each other, moved past each other. 塑料承载件101具有凸起106,在移动时凸起106将相对的塑料承载件102推离,而在适当位置时凸起106进入相对的承载件102上的凹陷(类似承载件101上所示的凹陷108)内。 Plastic carrier 101 having a projection 106, the projection 106 relative to push away the plastic carrier 102 while moving, in position while the projection 106 enters the recess opposite bearing member 102 (similar to the carrier member 101 shown on the depression 108) inside. 半耦合器承载件上的凹陷108可以具有圆锥形状,以引导与它们相对的凸起更为准确地进入适当位置。 Depression half coupler bearing member 108 may have a conical shape, with their relative to the guide projection more accurately to the appropriate position. 塑料承载件101-102需要一些侧向运动的自由度,以适应子系统的对准误差。 101-102 plastic carrier need some degree of freedom of lateral movement, to accommodate alignment errors subsystem.

重要的是应与相对的耦合器垫片对准,因为任何对准误差将减小耦合器的有效电容,从而降低它的性能。 Is important to the alignment of the gasket opposite the coupler, as any misalignment will reduce the effective capacitive coupling, thereby reducing its performance. 差动耦合器垫片在差动半耦合器的正、负垫片的方向上的对准误差不应该超过正、负垫片之间间距的若干分之一,否则会有不希望有的正与负垫片耦接的情况发生。 Differential coupling gasket on the positive and negative direction of the differential gasket half coupler alignment error should not exceed the positive and negative space between one of several sub-gasket, or there are undesirable the case of negative spacer coupled occur. 在与差动半耦合器的这两个垫片垂直的方向上的对准误差不应该超过离任何周围垫片或基片边缘的距离的若干分之一,或者大到使耦合器的电容有明显降低并损害信号质量。 In the direction of the differential of these two half-coupler gasket perpendicular alignment error should not exceed the distance from any one of several points around the edge of the substrate or a gasket, or as large as the capacitance of the coupling device has significantly reduced and damage signal quality.

虽然以上是结合本发明的优选实施例对本发明进行具体说明的,但熟悉该技术领域的人员可以理解,在不背离本发明的精神实质和专利保护范围的情况下其中无论在形式上还是在细节上都可以作出种种改变。 While the above is a combination of preferred embodiments of the present invention, the present invention will be specifically described, but the person familiar with the art will be appreciated that, without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention patent case wherein both in form and in detail Xanadu various changes may be made. 因此,应认为所说明的只是例示性的,而本发明的专利保护范围仅由所附权利要求书规定。 Therefore, to be considered the illustrated exemplary only, and the scope of the patent protection of the invention is only defined by the appended claims book.

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