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Publication numberCN105342649 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 201510936475
Publication date24 Feb 2016
Filing date16 Dec 2015
Priority date16 Dec 2015
Publication number201510936475.6, CN 105342649 A, CN 105342649A, CN 201510936475, CN-A-105342649, CN105342649 A, CN105342649A, CN201510936475, CN201510936475.6
Inventors陆培华, 高宏
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Calibration type route access clip for laparoscope
CN 105342649 A
The invention discloses a calibration type route access clip for a laparoscope. The route access clip comprises a puncture sheath and a tube core arranged at the center of the puncture sheath, wherein an external thread is formed in the outer wall of the lower part of the puncture sheath; a safe calibration device is arranged on the puncture sheath at the bottom end of the tube core, and is a cylindrical positioning block; a through hole penetrating through the puncture sheath is formed in the center of the cylindrical positioning hole; and an internal thread matched with the external thread of the puncture sheath is formed in the inner wall of the through hole of the cylindrical positioning block. According to the calibration type route access clip, the safe calibration device is arranged at the bottom end of the puncture sheath, so that medical staff screws in a certain depth each time when the route access clip is used, the screwing operation can be stopped in time when sudden change of pressure is sensed, occurrence of puncturing organs in the abnormal cavity can be prevented, and patient safety can be reliably ensured.
Claims(3)  translated from Chinese
1.校准式腹腔镜用取路卡,包括穿刺鞘(I)以及设置在穿刺鞘中心的管芯(2),其特征在于:所述穿刺鞘(I)下部的外壁上设置有外螺纹(5);所述管芯底端的穿刺鞘上设置有安全校准装置(4),安全校准装置为柱体定位块,柱体定位块的中心设置有穿过穿刺鞘的通孔,柱体定位块通孔的内壁上设置有与穿刺鞘外螺纹相配装的内螺纹。 1. Calibration of laparoscopic take roadblocks, including the introducer sheath, (I) and the introducer sheath, disposed in the center of the die (2), characterized in that: said introducer sheath (I) of the outer wall of the lower part is provided with external threads ( 5); a through hole provided with safety calibration means (4) on the bottom end of the introducer sheath, the die, the safety device is calibrated locating cylinder block, the cylinder center jig block is provided through the introducer sheath, the positioning cylinder block provided with an internal thread and external thread matching sheath puncture installed on the inner wall of the through hole.
2.根据权利要求1所述的校准式腹腔镜用取路卡,其特征在于:所述管芯顶端的穿刺鞘上配装有手持板(7),手持板(7)与管芯顶端之间设置有弹簧(3)。 The calibration laparoscopy to claim 1, wherein the take roadblocks, wherein: the die on top of the puncture sheath fitted with a handheld plate (7), holding plate (7) to the top of the die Room is provided with a spring (3).
3.根据权利要求2所述的校准式腹腔镜用取路卡,其特征在于:所述手持板上设置有用于管芯在穿破皮肤时发出报警信号的报警模块;所述报警模块包括单片机、触发电路以及设置在手持板中心对应弹簧的压力传感器,压力传感器的输出端连接单片机的输入端,单片机的输出端连接触发电路的输入端,触发电路的输出端连接设置在穿刺鞘外壁上的蜂鸣器(6)。 According to claim 2, wherein the calibration laparoscopy take with roadblocks, characterized in that: the holding plate provided with dies puncture the skin when an alarm signal alarm module; the alarm module includes a microcontroller , trigger circuit and set in the handheld center of the plate corresponding to the spring of the pressure sensor, the output of the pressure sensor connected to the microcontroller input, the output of the microcontroller connected to trigger circuit input of flip-flop circuit connected to the output provided puncture sheath outer wall buzzer (6).
Description  translated from Chinese
校准式腹腔镜用取路卡 Calibration of laparoscopic take Luca


[0001] 本发明涉及医疗器械技术领域,特别是一种腹腔镜手术中使用的取路卡。 [0001] The present invention relates to the field of medical devices, particularly a laparoscopic surgery roadblocks used.

背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 腹腔镜手术是临床医学常见的外科手术方式之一,腹腔镜手术的第一步骤为腹壁穿刺,该步骤采用腹腔镜取路卡协助完成,通常为盲穿,这也是腹壁穿刺的难点。 [0002] Laparoscopic surgery is one of the common clinical surgical way, the first step of laparoscopic surgery for abdominal puncture, to take this step laparoscopic roadblocks assist, usually blind to wear, and this is the difficulty of piercing the abdominal wall . 目前在进行腹壁穿刺过程中,腹腔镜取路卡的操作,不管新手还是有经验的医护人员,均依据“突破感”来判断穿刺是否成功,即通过穿刺过程中压力的突变来判断。 Currently performing abdominal puncture during laparoscopic operation roadblocks, whether novice or experienced medical staff, are based on "breakthrough sense" to judge the success of puncture, puncture through the mutation process to determine the pressure. 但是,对于新手而言不宜感受到压力的变化,而对于有经验的医护人员来说,虽然能够及时感受到压力变化,但是由于使用取路卡进入腹壁时需要使用较大臂力,而一旦穿破腹壁时则需要及时停止用力,因此也会存在因穿刺用力过大,感受到突破感时来不及及时停止用力,而导致取路卡戳破腹腔内的脏器和血管的医疗事故发生。 However, for starters, we should not feel pressure changes, and for experienced medical staff, although the change in time to feel the pressure, but due to the use of roadblocks need to take a larger arm enters the abdominal wall, and once worn when abdominal force is required to stop in time, so there will still be due to puncture force is too large, too late to stop in time to feel the sense of a breakthrough force, and take the road leading to the card punctured organs and blood vessels within the abdominal cavity malpractice occurred. 因此如何提高腹壁穿刺过程中的安全性具有重要意义。 So how to improve abdominal puncture during safety is important.


[0003] 本发明需要解决的技术问题是提供一种能够具有安全保护功能、能够有效防止腹壁穿刺过程中取路卡对腹腔内脏器和血管损伤现象发生的腹腔镜用取路卡。 [0003] The technical problem to be solved is to provide a safe protection function, can effectively prevent puncture the abdominal wall during laparoscopic roadblocks to take abdominal visceral and vascular injury phenomenon occurs by taking roadblocks.

[0004] 为解决上述技术问题,本发明所采取的技术方案如下。 [0004] To solve the above problems, the present invention is adopted technical scheme is as follows.

[0005] 校准式腹腔镜用取路卡,包括穿刺鞘以及设置在穿刺鞘中心的管芯,所述穿刺鞘下部的外壁上设置有外螺纹;所述管芯底端的穿刺鞘上设置有安全校准装置,安全校准装置为柱体定位块,柱体定位块的中心设置有穿过穿刺鞘的通孔,柱体定位块通孔的内壁上设置有与穿刺鞘外螺纹相配装的内螺纹。 [0005] Calibration of laparoscopic take roadblocks, including the introducer sheath, the introducer sheath and is disposed in the center of the die, the puncturing of the lower portion of the outer wall of the sheath is provided with external threads; die is provided on the bottom end of the introducer sheath, safety calibration means for calibrating the safety device has a through hole provided through the introducer sheath, the positioning of the center cylinder block, the cylinder block is positioned, is provided with an inner wall of the cylinder block through the positioning hole of the introducer sheath with an internal thread matching the external thread loaded.

[0006] 上述校准式腹腔镜用取路卡,所述管芯顶端的穿刺鞘上配装有手持板,手持板与管芯顶端之间设置有弹簧。 [0006] The above-described calibration laparoscopic roadblocks by taking the tube to the top of the core needle sheath fitted with a handheld plate, a spring is provided between the holding plate and the top of the die.

[0007] 上述校准式腹腔镜用取路卡,所述手持板上设置有用于管芯在穿破皮肤时发出报警信号的报警模块;所述报警模块包括单片机、触发电路以及设置在手持板中心对应弹簧的压力传感器,压力传感器的输出端连接单片机的输入端,单片机的输出端连接触发电路的输入端,触发电路的输出端连接设置在穿刺鞘外壁上的蜂鸣器。 [0007] said calibration formula laparoscopic take roadblocks, the holding plate is provided with a die for an alarm signal when the alarm module puncture the skin; the alarm module includes a microcontroller, handheld trigger circuit and set the center of the plate corresponding to spring pressure sensor, the output of the pressure sensor connected to the input of the microcontroller, the microcontroller is connected to the output of flip-flop input of flip-flop circuit connected to the output provided in the outer wall of the sheath puncture buzzer.

[0008] 由于采用了以上技术方案,本发明所取得技术进步如下。 [0008] As a result of the above aspect, the present invention is achieved by the following technical progress.

[0009] 本发明通过在穿刺鞘底端设置安全校准装置,使得医护人员在使用取路卡时每次的旋入深度为固定量,当感受到压力突然变化时,能够及时停止旋入操作,有效防止腹壁穿刺过程中取路卡对腹腔内脏器和血管损伤现象的发生,即使医护人员的反应有一定的延时,由于管芯的行进量很小,旋入的深度也不足以戳破腹腔内的脏器,可靠保证了患者安全。 [0009] The present invention by providing safety sheath puncture the bottom of the calibration device so the medical staff in the use of the road take each card screwing depth of a fixed amount, when suddenly feel the pressure change, in time to stop screwing operation, effectively prevent the abdominal wall puncture during take roadblocks occur on abdominal visceral and vascular injury phenomenon, even if the reaction of the medical staff have a certain delay due to the amount of travel of the die is very small, not enough depth screwed into the abdominal cavity punctured organ within a reliable guarantee patient safety.


[0010] 图1为本发明的结构示意图; The structure of the present invention [0010] FIG. 1 schematic diagram;

图2为本发明所述报警模块的结构框图。 Figure 2 is a schematic block diagram of the alarm module.

[0011] 其中:1.穿刺鞘,2.管芯,3.弹簧,4.安全校准装置,5.外螺纹,6.蜂鸣器,7.手持板。 [0011] wherein: puncture sheath 1, 2 core, 3 spring, 4 calibration safety devices, external thread 5, 6 buzzer, 7 holding plate.......

具体实施方式 detailed description

[0012] 下面将结合附图和具体实施例对本发明进行进一步详细说明。 [0012] The accompanying drawings and the following specific embodiments of the present invention will be described in further detail.

[0013] —种校准式腹腔镜用取路卡,其结构如图1所示,包括穿刺鞘1、管芯2、手持板7以及安全校准装置4,管芯2设置在穿刺鞘1中心,能够在外力作用下对皮肤进行穿刺;手持板7配装在穿刺鞘1的顶端,方便医护人员手持;安全校准装置4设置在管芯底端的穿刺鞘上,用于控制医护人员穿刺的行进量,起到校准作用。 [0013] - kind of calibration with laparoscopic take roadblocks, the structure shown in Figure 1, including puncture sheath 1, die 2, 7, and handheld security device calibration plate 4, the die 2 is provided in the center of the puncture sheath 1, the external force can puncture the skin; holding plate 7 is fitted in the tip of the puncture sheath 1, to facilitate medical handheld; calibration safety device 4 is provided on the bottom of the die puncture sheath puncture is used to control the amount of travel medical , play a role in the calibration.

[0014] 本发明中,安全校准装置为柱体定位块,柱体定位块的中心设置有穿过穿刺鞘的通孔,柱体定位块通孔的内壁上设置有内螺纹,穿刺鞘1下部的外壁上设置有与柱体定位块的通孔相配装的外螺纹5。 Through holes [0014] of the present invention, the safety device is calibrated cylinder positioning block, the center column positioning block is provided with a puncture through the sheath is provided with an inner wall of the cylinder block positioned internally threaded through holes, the lower part of the puncture sheath 1 the outer wall is provided with an external thread 5 and the cylinder block through positioning holes filled match.

[0015] 本发明使用时,将柱体定位块的底端面贴紧患者皮肤,然后拿手持板,旋转穿刺鞘,即可进行腹壁穿刺操作。 [0015] When the present invention, the bottom surface of the cylinder block snapping positioning the patient's skin, and then take the hand plate, rotating sheath puncture, abdominal puncture operation can be carried out. 操作过程中,能够将直接施加皮肤上的垂直力度转换为旋转过程中的旋转力,将管芯行进的步距缩短了一个穿刺鞘圆周,因此给医护人员在刺破皮肤的瞬间留足了反应的时间,有效防止了取路卡对腹腔内脏器和血管损伤现象的发生。 During operation, the vertical force can be applied directly on the skin during rotation is converted to rotational force, the die travels stride shortens a puncture sheath circumference, so to pierce the skin of health care workers in an instant leave enough reaction the time taken to effectively prevent the occurrence of roadblocks abdominal visceral and vascular injury phenomenon.

[0016] 为使医护人员在管芯底端穿破皮肤时明显地感受到压力的变化,本实施例中,在手持板7与管芯顶端之间设置了弹簧3。 [0016] In order to make health care workers clearly feel the bottom of the die puncture the skin when pressure changes, in this embodiment, between 7 and the die top plate holding spring 3 is provided. 在医护人员进行穿刺过程中,弹簧随着旋拧的不断压缩,当管芯刺破皮肤时,管芯快速进入腹腔,弹簧失去皮肤的阻力而瞬间释放,使得医护人员能够明显感受到压力的变化,而停止穿刺操作。 In the medical puncture during spring with continuous compression screwing, when the die pierce the skin, die quickly into the abdominal cavity, the resistance of the skin to lose spring instantaneous release, so health care workers can obviously feel the pressure change , stop puncture operation.

[0017] 为更进一步地直观提醒医护人员管芯底端穿破皮肤,本发明在手持板上还设置了报警模块,用于管芯在穿破皮肤时发出报警信号,及时对医护人员进行提醒。 [0017] To further visualize remind health care workers die at the bottom of puncture the skin, in the present invention is a handheld board also set up an alarm module for die an alarm signal when the puncture the skin, in a timely manner to remind the medical staff . 本实施例中,报警模块的结构如图2所示,包括单片机、触发电路、蜂鸣器6以及压力传感器,蜂鸣器6设置在穿刺鞘的外壁上;压力传感器设置在手持板中心,并与弹簧的顶端相对应,用于感知压力的变化;压力传感器的输出端连接单片机的输入端,用于将感知的压力信息传输给单片机,单片机对压力信号的变化进行分析;单片机的输出端连接触发电路的输入端,当单片机分析到压力在逐步增加的过程中突然变小时,向触发电路发出触发导通信号;触发电路接通蜂鸣器回路,蜂鸣器报警,对医护人员起到及时提醒作用。 In this embodiment, the alarm module structure shown in Figure 2, includes a microcontroller, trigger circuit, the buzzer 6 and a pressure sensor, the buzzer 6 is disposed on the outer wall of the needle sheath; a pressure sensor is provided in the handheld center of the plate, and corresponding to the top of the spring for sensing pressure changes; the output of the pressure sensor is connected to the input of the microcontroller for transmission of information, perceived pressure to the microcontroller, the microcontroller to change the pressure signal is analyzed; the output of the microcontroller is connected trigger input of the circuit, when the microcontroller to analyze the process of gradually increasing the pressure suddenly becomes small, a trigger turn-on signal to the trigger circuit; the flip-flop circuit switched buzzer, the buzzer alarm, the medical staff to play in time reminder.

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23 Mar 2016C10Entry into substantive examination