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Publication numberCA938400 A
Publication typeGrant
Application numberCA 123070
Publication date11 Dec 1973
Filing date16 Sep 1971
Priority date22 Sep 1970
Also published asCA938400A1, DE2147102A1, DE2147102B2, DE2147102C3, US3660315
Publication numberCA 123070, CA 938400 A, CA 938400A, CA-A-938400, CA938400 A, CA938400A
InventorsT. Hill James, E. Garabedian Michael
ApplicantE.I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company, T. Hill James, E. Garabedian Michael
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Process for preparing fluorine containing polymer
CA 938400 A
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International ClassificationC08G65/00, C08G65/22
Cooperative ClassificationC08G65/226, C10M2213/00, C10M2213/04, C10M2213/06, C10N2210/01, C10M3/00