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Publication numberCA2550648 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2550648
Publication date29 Jan 2007
Filing date16 Jun 2006
Priority date29 Jul 2005
Also published asCA2550648C, US7083477
Publication numberCA 2550648, CA 2550648 A1, CA 2550648A1, CA-A1-2550648, CA2550648 A1, CA2550648A1
InventorsWilliam Louis Brodsky, Michael F. Scanlon, John G. Torok
ApplicantInternational Business Machines Corporation, William Louis Brodsky, Michael F. Scanlon, John G. Torok
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Providing mechanical support for modular interconnect systems
CA 2550648 A1
A connector system includes a first connector assembly (20;58) that is electrically connected to wiring on a first printed wiring board (26; 54) and a second connector (30; 46) assembly that is electrically connected to wiring on a second printed wiring board (28; 38). Each connector assembly includes a number of connector modules (12) that are joined together in a predetermined array such as a row. In one of the connector assemblies, the row also includes one or more actuation modules (24; 62). The actuation module or modules are engaged by an actuator mechanism (32; 66) to force the connector assemblies into mating engagement or to draw them apart.
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International ClassificationH01R13/629, H01R24/00, H01R12/16
Cooperative ClassificationH01R12/727, H01R12/52, H01R23/68
European ClassificationH01R9/09F
Legal Events
22 Jan 2007EEERExamination request
29 Jul 2014MKLALapsed
Effective date: 20140617