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Publication numberCA2462137 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2462137
PCT numberPCT/EP2002/010050
Publication date1 May 2003
Filing date3 Oct 2002
Priority date18 Oct 2001
Also published asCA2462137C, CN1561360A, CN100371374C, DE60211545D1, DE60211545T2, EP1448681A1, EP1448681B1, US7279504, US20040242713, US20060058407, WO2003035728A1
Publication numberCA 2462137, CA 2462137 A1, CA 2462137A1, CA-A1-2462137, CA2462137 A1, CA2462137A1, PCT/2002/10050, PCT/EP/2/010050, PCT/EP/2/10050, PCT/EP/2002/010050, PCT/EP/2002/10050, PCT/EP2/010050, PCT/EP2/10050, PCT/EP2002/010050, PCT/EP2002/10050, PCT/EP2002010050, PCT/EP200210050, PCT/EP2010050, PCT/EP210050
InventorsDario Ghidoni, Roberto Lanfredi, Gilberto Frigerio, Alessandro Casalini
ApplicantPolimeri Europa S.P.A., Dario Ghidoni, Roberto Lanfredi, Gilberto Frigerio, Alessandro Casalini
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Expandable vinylaromatic polymers and process for their preparation
CA 2462137 A1
Expandable vinylaromatic polymers which comprise: a) a matrix obtained by polymerizing 50-100% by weight of one or more vinylaromatic monomers and 0.50%
by weight of a copolymerizable monomer; b) l-10% by weight, calculated with respect to the polymer (a), of an expanding agent englobed in the polymeric matrix; c) 0.05-25% by weight, calculated with respect to the polymer (a), of an inorganic filler homogeneously distributed in the polymeric matrix with a substantially spherical granulometry, an average diameter ranging from 0.01 to 100 ~m, a refraction index higher than l.6 and a white index, as defined in "Colour Index" (third edition published by the Society of Dyers and Colourists, 1982), equal to or lower than 22.
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International ClassificationC08J9/16, C08J9/20, C08J9/00
Cooperative ClassificationC08J9/20, C08J9/16, C08J9/0066, C08J2201/03, C08J2325/06
European ClassificationC08J9/00M, C08J9/16, C08J9/20
Legal Events
1 Nov 2004EEERExamination request