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Publication numberCA2452116 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2452116
PCT numberPCT/JP2002/006516
Publication date9 Jan 2003
Filing date27 Jun 2002
Priority date29 Jun 2001
Also published asCA2452116C, CN1520353A, CN100391722C, DE60228092D1, EP1413422A1, EP1413422A4, EP1413422B1, US7306760, US7540737, US20040251579, US20080031993, WO2003002333A1
Publication numberCA 2452116, CA 2452116 A1, CA 2452116A1, CA-A1-2452116, CA2452116 A1, CA2452116A1, PCT/2002/6516, PCT/JP/2/006516, PCT/JP/2/06516, PCT/JP/2002/006516, PCT/JP/2002/06516, PCT/JP2/006516, PCT/JP2/06516, PCT/JP2002/006516, PCT/JP2002/06516, PCT/JP2002006516, PCT/JP200206516, PCT/JP2006516, PCT/JP206516
InventorsKoji Yamanaka, Yoshihiro Iimura, Daisuke Uesugi
ApplicantYoshino Kogyosho Co., Ltd., Koji Yamanaka, Yoshihiro Iimura, Daisuke Uesugi
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Method and apparatus for producing bottle-type synthetic resin containers
CA 2452116 A1
A method for producing bottle-type containers made of a synthetic resin, e.g., polyethylene-terephthalate resin, includes a heat treatment step for heating and crystallizing a neck portion of a perform corresponding to a neck portion of a container. In a first stage of the heat treatment step, the neck portion of the perform is temporarily heated to a temperature below a melting point of the synthetic resin, e.g., approximately 200C to 230C in the case of polyethylene terephthalate resin. In a subsequent second stage, the neck portion is maintained at a temperature within a range in which crystallization of the synthetic resin is promoted, e.g. approximately 170C to 195C in the case of polyethylene terephthalate resin.
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Legal Events
29 Dec 2003EEERExamination request