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Publication numberCA2378613 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2378613
PCT numberPCT/US2000/016297
Publication date11 Jan 2001
Filing date27 Jun 2000
Priority date6 Jul 1999
Also published asCA2378613C, CN1230174C, CN1359289A, DE60032905D1, DE60032905T2, EP1200073A2, EP1200073B1, US6566370, US6759418, US6855823, US7157582, US20030199546, US20040192722, US20050159445, WO2001001972A2, WO2001001972A3
Publication numberCA 2378613, CA 2378613 A1, CA 2378613A1, CA-A1-2378613, CA2378613 A1, CA2378613A1, PCT/2000/16297, PCT/US/0/016297, PCT/US/0/16297, PCT/US/2000/016297, PCT/US/2000/16297, PCT/US0/016297, PCT/US0/16297, PCT/US0016297, PCT/US016297, PCT/US2000/016297, PCT/US2000/16297, PCT/US2000016297, PCT/US200016297
InventorsDavid Bleakman, Sandra Ann Filla, Kirk Willis Johnson, Paul Leslie Ornstein
ApplicantEli Lilly And Company, David Bleakman, Chappell, Amy Suzon, Sandra Ann Filla, Kirk Willis Johnson, Paul Leslie Ornstein
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Selective iglur5 receptor antagonists for the treatment of migraine
CA 2378613 A1
The present invention provides a method of treating or preventing migraine comprising administering to a patient in need thereof an effective amount of a selective iGluR5 receptor antagonist. The present invention further provides novel compounds functional as selective iGluR5 receptor antagonists as well as compositions and formulations comprising said selective iGluR5 receptor antagonists.
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International ClassificationA61P21/02, A61P25/16, A61K45/00, A61P25/28, A61P25/30, A61P25/24, A61P25/22, A61P25/04, A61P27/02, A61P25/06, A61P25/00, A61P43/00, A61K31/00, A61P25/14, A61K31/472, A61P25/18, C07D401/06, A61K31/4725, A61K31/5377
Cooperative ClassificationC07D401/06, A61K31/00, A61K31/4725, A61K31/472
European ClassificationA61K31/00, A61K31/4725, A61K31/472, C07D401/06
Legal Events
6 Aug 2002EEERExamination request
27 Jun 2011MKLALapsed