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Publication numberCA2325624 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2325624
PCT numberPCT/US1999/009301
Publication date4 Nov 1999
Filing date29 Apr 1999
Priority date29 Apr 1998
Also published asCA2325624C, EP1073966A1, EP1073966A4, US6035341, WO1999056214A1
Publication numberCA 2325624, CA 2325624 A1, CA 2325624A1, CA-A1-2325624, CA2325624 A1, CA2325624A1, PCT/1999/9301, PCT/US/1999/009301, PCT/US/1999/09301, PCT/US/99/009301, PCT/US/99/09301, PCT/US1999/009301, PCT/US1999/09301, PCT/US1999009301, PCT/US199909301, PCT/US99/009301, PCT/US99/09301, PCT/US99009301, PCT/US9909301
InventorsPatrick O. Nunally, David Ross Maccormack
ApplicantSensormatic Electronics Corporation, Patrick O. Nunally, David Ross Maccormack, Tyco Acquisition Corp. Xxiv, Sensormatic Electronics, LLC
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Multimedia analysis in intelligent video system
CA 2325624 A1
A flexible multimedia information analysis apparatus stores a database (50) which includes both audio (54) and video (52) information.
Also stored are a plurality of content analysis algorithms for analyzing the audio information in the database. A user can manipulate a mouse to select one of the analysis algorithms. The selected algorithm is used to analyze audio information in the database or on a "live" basis as the audio information is received. Audio analysis algorithms can be applied in tandem with moving image content analysis algorithms applied to stored video data or live input video streams.
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International ClassificationH04N5/783, G06F17/30, H04N9/82, H04N5/781, H04N9/804, H04N5/445, G10L19/00, H04N5/782, G10L11/00, H04N7/18, H04N5/76
Cooperative ClassificationH04N5/781, H04N9/8205, H04N7/181, H04N5/783, G10L25/00, H04N9/8042, G08B13/19645, G08B13/19682, H04N9/8227, G08B21/086, G08B13/19669, H04N5/76, H04N5/782, G08B13/1968, H04N5/445
European ClassificationG08B21/08P, H04N5/76, G08B13/196U2, G08B13/196S2, H04N9/82N4, G08B13/196L2, G08B13/196U1, G10L25/00, H04N7/18C, H04N5/782
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15 Mar 2004EEERExamination request