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Publication numberCA2322909 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2322909
Publication date8 Apr 2001
Filing date6 Oct 2000
Priority date8 Oct 1999
Also published asCA2322909C, CA2575035A1, CA2575035C, CA2575037A1, CA2575037C, CA2575038A1, CA2575038C, CA2627816A1, CA2627816C, CA2628000A1, CA2628000C, CA2629277A1, CA2629277C, CA2630140A1, CA2630140C, CA2688848A1, CA2688848C, CA2688849A1, CA2688849C, CA2688851A1, CA2688851C, CA2688917A1, CA2688917C, CA2688918A1, CA2688918C, CA2688919A1, CA2688919C, CA2688931A1, CA2688931C, CA2688933A1, CA2688933C, CA2689061A1, CA2689061C, CA2689063A1, CA2689063C, CA2689070A1, CA2689070C, CA2730358A1, CA2730358C, CA2730368A1, CA2730368C, CA2730576A1, CA2730576C, CA2730840A1, CA2730840C, CA2767311A1, CA2767311C, CA2776412A1, CA2776412C, CA2776418A1, CA2776418C, CA2776605A1, CA2776605C, CA2776645A1, CA2776645C, CA2776655A1, CA2776655C, CA2796906A1, CA2796906C, CA2796926A1, CA2796926C, CA2797143A1, CA2797143C, CA2797145A1, CA2797145C, CA2797146A1, CA2797146C, CA2824560A1, CA2824560C, CA2824562A1, CA2824562C, CA2824564A1, CA2824564C, CA2824634A1, CA2824634C, CA2824638A1, CA2824638C, CA2837460A1, CA2837460C, CA2837461A1, CA2837461C, CA2837617A1, CA2837617C, CA2837633A1, CA2837633C, CA2837640A1, CA2837640C, CA2837643A1, CA2837643C, CA2837675A1, CA2837675C, CA2837908A1, CA2837908C, CA2837910A1, CA2837910C, CN1187981C, CN1305309A, US7051359, US7051361, US7073194, US7080401, US7100189, US7448064, US7448065, US7469415, US7603695, US7620972, US7620973, US7735112, US7748024, US7757266, US7779447, US7779448, US7802289, US7814529, US7814530, US7831994, US7882534, US7882535, US7882536, US7886331, US7958538, US8347330, US8539521, US8539522, US8544041, US8555307, US8640155, US8677405, US8683506, US8701142, US8707344, US8707345, US8707356, US8707367, US8707368, US8726333, US8732752, US8739209, US8752082, US8782695, US8898699, US8910204, US8910205, US8938754, US8966529, US8978063, US8984553, US8997147, US9003444, US9003469, US9015752, US9015753, US9015754, US9021523, US9021524, US9032436, US9038101, US9043836, US9078032, US9084009, US9088806, US9113179, US9124927, US9124938, US9294812, US9300988, US9307271, US9307282, US9351042, US9525915, US9525916, US20040244052, US20040250290, US20040268382, US20040268411, US20040268412, US20050005307, US20050163148, US20080075105, US20080080546, US20080083007, US20090172735, US20090178076, US20090178077, US20090219448, US20090219450, US20090222856, US20090322965, US20100031289, US20100058392, US20100122298, US20100122299, US20100169922, US20100169923, US20100169924, US20110187923, US20120137331, US20120144431, US20120144432, US20130010200, US20130010201, US20130010202, US20130014204, US20130081086, US20130219450, US20130298165, US20130305284, US20130305309, US20130305310, US20130312036, US20130339995, US20130340008, US20130340010, US20130347042, US20140089974, US20140089975, US20140089976, US20140089977, US20140089978, US20140259064, US20140259066, US20140259076, US20140259077, US20140351856, US20140366077, US20140373056, US20140373058, US20140373059, US20140373060, US20140373068, US20140373069, US20140373072, US20140373083, US20140373084, US20150135215, US20150143428, US20150143429, US20150195610, US20150195622, US20150319483, US20150319495, US20150319496, US20150350695, US20150350696, US20150358673, US20150365718, US20170064392
Publication numberCA 2322909, CA 2322909 A1, CA 2322909A1, CA-A1-2322909, CA2322909 A1, CA2322909A1
InventorsJin Pil Kim
ApplicantLg Electronics Inc., Jin Pil Kim
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Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same
CA 2322909 A1
A virtual channel table for broadcasting protocol and a method for broadcasting by using the virtual channel table includes identification information identifying and permitting discrimination of active and inactive channels contained in the virtual channel table. At a receiver, the virtual channel table transmitted from the transmitting side is parsed, thereby determining whether the current received channel is an active or inactive channel.
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
US7603694 *25 Jan 200513 Oct 2009Lg Electronics Inc.Virtual channel table data structure, transport stream discrimination method, and digital broadcast receiver
US843249623 Dec 200830 Apr 2013Thomson LicensingAuto channel assignment for live productions
Legal Events
6 Oct 2000EEERExamination request