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Publication numberCA2308280 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2308280
Publication date17 Dec 2000
Filing date10 May 2000
Priority date17 Jun 1999
Also published asCA2308280C, US6466980
Publication numberCA 2308280, CA 2308280 A1, CA 2308280A1, CA-A1-2308280, CA2308280 A1, CA2308280A1
InventorsLeon L. Lumelsky, Nelson R. Manohar
ApplicantInternational Business Machines Corporation, Leon L. Lumelsky, Nelson R. Manohar
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System and method for capacity shaping in an internet environment
CA 2308280 A1
A system providing access to web objects that matches predicted demand for web objects to available capacity on web servers. The system implements methods to dynamically shape both demand and capacity based on certain criteria. The system provides methods to dynamically shape demand for an object based on criteria such as arrival time, incoming geography, and costs requirements. In particular, the present invention characterizes future demand for an object based on aggregation and forecasting of past demand for such object. The system effectively permits control and customization of capacity across one or more media servers based on characteristics associated with the demand across one or more of them, and particularly, based on the dominating geographical traits of past demand. Moreover, the system dynamically shapes capacity by: (a) controlling the number of replicas associated with an object; and, (b) controlling the placement of these replicas across servers in a distributed network. In particular, the system drives capacity shaping measures over a particular object based on its predicted demand. Consequently, the number and location of replicas associated with an object is made to be variable over time and driven by predicted demand for a web object.
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US94737439 Dec 200818 Oct 2016Thomson LicensingDevice and method for optimizing access to contents by users
International ClassificationG06Q10/10, H04L29/06, G06F12/00, G06F9/50, G06F13/00, G06F17/30, G06F9/46, H04L29/08, G06F15/177, H04L12/407
Cooperative ClassificationH04L67/1002, H04L69/329, H04L67/1012, H04L67/1023, H04L67/1029, H04L67/1095, H04L67/1008, H04L41/5003, H04L41/0896, G06Q10/10, H04L43/0882, H04L41/147, G06F17/30902, G06F9/5055, G06F9/5083, G06F2209/5022
European ClassificationH04L29/08N9A1D, H04L29/08N9A7, H04L29/08N9A1B, H04L29/08N9A1J, G06Q10/10, H04L43/08G1, H04L41/14C, G06F17/30W9C, G06F9/50L, G06F9/50A6S
Legal Events
10 Jan 2003EEERExamination request