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Publication numberCA2262370 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2262370
PCT numberPCT/US1997/014829
Publication date26 Feb 1998
Filing date22 Aug 1997
Priority date23 Aug 1996
Also published asCA2262370C, DE69733487D1, DE69733487T2, EP0946231A1, EP0946231A4, EP0946231B1, US6007787, WO1998007490A1
Publication numberCA 2262370, CA 2262370 A1, CA 2262370A1, CA-A1-2262370, CA2262370 A1, CA2262370A1, PCT/1997/14829, PCT/US/1997/014829, PCT/US/1997/14829, PCT/US/97/014829, PCT/US/97/14829, PCT/US1997/014829, PCT/US1997/14829, PCT/US1997014829, PCT/US199714829, PCT/US97/014829, PCT/US97/14829, PCT/US97014829, PCT/US9714829
InventorsRamesh Gupta, David C. Dankworth, Dennis D. Fleming, Edward S. Ellis, James J. Schorfheide
ApplicantExxon Research And Engineering Company, Ramesh Gupta, David C. Dankworth, Dennis D. Fleming, Edward S. Ellis, James J. Schorfheide
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Countercurrent reaction vessel
CA 2262370 A1
A reaction vessel for processing liquid petroleum or chemical streams wherein the stream flows countercurrent to the flow of a treat gas, such as a hydrogen-containing gas, in at least one interaction zone (r1, r2, or r3). The reaction vessel contains vapor, optionally liquid, passageways (VB1-5) to bypass one or more packed beds, preferably catalyst beds (r1-3). This permits more stable and efficient vessel operation.
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International ClassificationC10G65/02, B01J19/24, C10G45/00, C10G47/00, C10G45/44, B01D3/16, C10G49/00, B01J8/04
Cooperative ClassificationB01J8/0492, C10G49/002, B01J8/0453, B01D3/16
European ClassificationB01J8/04D2D, B01D3/16, C10G49/00B, B01J8/04F
Legal Events
7 Mar 2002EEERExamination request