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Publication numberCA2247165 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2247165
PCT numberPCT/US1996/007320
Publication date18 Sep 1997
Filing date21 May 1996
Priority date13 Mar 1996
Also published asCA2247165C, CN1216202A, EP0878102A1, EP0878102A4, US6167279, WO1997034429A1
Publication numberCA 2247165, CA 2247165 A1, CA 2247165A1, CA-A1-2247165, CA2247165 A1, CA2247165A1, PCT/1996/7320, PCT/US/1996/007320, PCT/US/1996/07320, PCT/US/96/007320, PCT/US/96/07320, PCT/US1996/007320, PCT/US1996/07320, PCT/US1996007320, PCT/US199607320, PCT/US96/007320, PCT/US96/07320, PCT/US96007320, PCT/US9607320
InventorsLi-Fung Chang, Edward Lipper, Pertti S. Lukander, Anthony Robert Noerpel, Vijay Kerala Varma
ApplicantBell Communications Research, Inc., Li-Fung Chang, Edward Lipper, Pertti S. Lukander, Anthony Robert Noerpel, Vijay Kerala Varma, Nokia Mobile Phones Ltd., Telcordia Technologies, Inc.
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Method and system for supporting pacs using a gsm mobile switching center
CA 2247165 A1
A method for enabling the integration of the Personal Access Communications System (PACs) (2) which supports low-tier radio, wireless communication devices with a GSM network (1) used to support high-tier, cellular devices to allow connection of the PACs system (2) to public switched telephone networks that do not have Advanced Intelligent Network capabilities. The functions of the conventional PACs Access Manager are redistributed among the various components of the PACs/GSM integrated system. Modifications to the PACs protocol to make it compatible with GSM protocol are detailed.
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International ClassificationH04W8/06, H04W12/06, H04W92/02
Cooperative ClassificationH04L69/08, H04W12/06, H04W8/06, H04W92/02
European ClassificationH04W8/06, H04W92/02
Legal Events
21 Aug 1998EEERExamination request
21 May 2010MKLALapsed