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Publication numberCA2240377 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2240377
PCT numberPCT/US1996/020525
Publication date26 Jun 1997
Filing date18 Dec 1996
Priority date18 Dec 1995
Also published asCA2240377C, CN1209892A, CN1218269C, DE69632792D1, EP0954826A1, EP0954826A4, EP0954826B1, US5975419, US5984185, US6024282, US6062479, US6073846, US6076736, US6085980, US6112990, US6290132, US6328215, US6375074, US6415980, US6422466, US6439462, US6464141, US6474556, US6523750, US6561424, US6953153, US20020050524, US20020050525, US20030183692, WO1997022945A1
Publication numberCA 2240377, CA 2240377 A1, CA 2240377A1, CA-A1-2240377, CA2240377 A1, CA2240377A1, PCT/1996/20525, PCT/US/1996/020525, PCT/US/1996/20525, PCT/US/96/020525, PCT/US/96/20525, PCT/US1996/020525, PCT/US1996/20525, PCT/US1996020525, PCT/US199620525, PCT/US96/020525, PCT/US96/20525, PCT/US96020525, PCT/US9620525
InventorsLeroy Dickson, John Groot, Thomas Amundsen, C. Harry Knowles
ApplicantMetrologic Instruments, Inc., Leroy Dickson, John Groot, Thomas Amundsen, C. Harry Knowles
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Holographic laser scanning system and process and apparatus and methods for designing and constructing the same
CA 2240377 A1
Holographic laser scanner (1) of ultra-compact design which produces a three-dimensional laser scanning volume that is capable of reading one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar code symbols and other types of graphical indicia within large or small scanning volumes of highly confined (i.e., controlled) geometry, using holographic optical elements (13A, 13B, 13C) including a rotating disc (7) that supports a plurality of facets (9), and at least one visible laser diode(s) (12A, 12B, 12C). The three-dimensional laser scanning volume has multiple focal planes and a highly confined geometry extending about a projection axis extending from the scanning window, including an aperture, of the holographic scanner (1).
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International ClassificationG07G1/00, G06K17/00, G02B26/10, G06K7/10, G06K7/14
Cooperative ClassificationG06K7/10603, G06K7/10861, G06K7/10693, G06K7/10702, G06K7/10792, G07F11/002, G06K2207/1018, G06K2207/1016, G06K2207/1017, G06K7/10801, G06K17/0022, G02B26/106, G06K7/10, G06K7/10811, G06K7/10851, G06K7/109, G06K2207/1013, G06K7/10673, G07G1/0045, G02B26/10, G06K7/10564, B82Y15/00, G06K7/10871, G06K7/10584, G06K7/10663, G07G1/0054, G06K2207/1012, G06K7/10891, G06K7/14, G06K7/10881, G06K7/10594
European ClassificationB82Y15/00, G06K7/10S9E1, G06K7/10S9F2, G06K7/10S9E, G06K7/10S9D, G06K7/10S9F, G07F11/00B, G02B26/10, G07G1/00C2, G07G1/00C2D, G06K7/10S9F4, G06K7/10S2B4, G02B26/10H, G06K7/10S8, G06K7/10S2P4D, G06K7/10S8B, G06K7/10S2B, G06K7/10S2P, G06K7/10S2P4B, G06K7/14, G06K7/10S8B2, G06K17/00G, G06K7/10S2P2F, G06K7/10S2P2, G06K7/10, G06K7/10S2P2H
Legal Events
15 Oct 1998EEERExamination request
19 Dec 2011MKLALapsed