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Publication numberCA2216729 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2216729
PCT numberPCT/US1996/004325
Publication date3 Oct 1996
Filing date29 Mar 1996
Priority date31 Mar 1995
Also published asCA2216729C, CN1108026C, CN1179864A, CN1214665C, CN1420694A, DE69633005D1, DE69633005T2, DE69636800D1, DE69636800T2, DE69637664D1, EP0818084A1, EP0818084B1, EP1361675A2, EP1361675A3, EP1361675B1, EP1361676A2, EP1361676A3, EP1361676B1, EP2001141A2, EP2001141A3, US6035209, US6317587, US6876867, US7013160, US7831272, US20010014589, US20010041540, US20050181817, US20060094460, WO1996031014A1
Publication numberCA 2216729, CA 2216729 A1, CA 2216729A1, CA-A1-2216729, CA2216729 A1, CA2216729A1, PCT/1996/4325, PCT/US/1996/004325, PCT/US/1996/04325, PCT/US/96/004325, PCT/US/96/04325, PCT/US1996/004325, PCT/US1996/04325, PCT/US1996004325, PCT/US199604325, PCT/US96/004325, PCT/US96/04325, PCT/US96004325, PCT/US9604325
InventorsEdward G. Tiedemann, Jr., Joseph P. Odenwalder, Charles E. Wheatley, Iii, Roberto Padovani
ApplicantQualcomm Incorporated, Edward G. Tiedemann, Jr., Joseph P. Odenwalder, Charles E. Wheatley, Iii, Roberto Padovani
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Method and apparatus for performing power control in a mobile communication system
CA 2216729 A1
A method and apparatus for controlling transmission power in a mobile communication system is disclosed. The method disclosed provides for a closed-loop power control method. A mobile station (30) provides information on the quality of the signal received from the base station (50), and the base station (50) responds by adjusting the power allocated to that user in a shared base station signal. The transmission power is adjusted initially by a large increment and then camped down at an increasingly decreasing rate. The mobile station (30) also provides information to the base station (50) as to its relative velocity and the base station (50) adjusts its transmission power in accordance with this velocity information.
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International ClassificationH04B7/00, H04B17/00, H05K11/02, H04B1/06, H04W52/60, H04B7/005, H04B7/26, H04W52/28, H04W52/36, H04W52/22, H04W52/08, H04W52/24
Cooperative ClassificationH04W52/08, H04W52/60, H04W52/362, H04W52/367, H04W52/20, H04W52/283, H04W52/228, H04W52/28, H04W52/247, H04W52/282, H04W52/50
European ClassificationH04W52/36K, H04W52/28E, H04W52/50, H04W52/28, H04W52/22V, H04W52/36A, H04W52/08
Legal Events
15 May 2001EEERExamination request
31 May 2016MKEXExpiry
Effective date: 20160329