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Publication numberCA2207502 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2207502
PCT numberPCT/US1995/016467
Publication date20 Jun 1996
Filing date15 Dec 1995
Priority date16 Dec 1994
Also published asCA2207502C, DE69533677D1, DE69533677T2, EP0843572A1, EP0843572A4, EP0843572B1, EP0843572B9, US5520635, US5730717, WO1996018432A1
Publication numberCA 2207502, CA 2207502 A1, CA 2207502A1, CA-A1-2207502, CA2207502 A1, CA2207502A1, PCT/1995/16467, PCT/US/1995/016467, PCT/US/1995/16467, PCT/US/95/016467, PCT/US/95/16467, PCT/US1995/016467, PCT/US1995/16467, PCT/US1995016467, PCT/US199516467, PCT/US95/016467, PCT/US95/16467, PCT/US95016467, PCT/US9516467
InventorsGary A. Gelbfish
ApplicantGary A. Gelbfish
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Method and associated device for removing material from body
CA 2207502 A1
A pull push device for removing a clot. The device includes an elongate tubular member having a suction port and an irrigation or fluid pressurization port respectively con-nectable to a vacuum source and a pressurizable fluid reser-voir. The tubular member also has a clot intake port positionable through a patient's skin inside a clogged vas-cular vessel. The vacuum source enables clot suction into the clot intake port for severing while liquid pressure supplies fluid for clot ejection and device clearance. A single piece rotating or reciprocating cutter and intake closure component is mounted inside the tubular member for closing the clot intake port upon each small vacuum assisted severing of clot mass by the cutting element. By simultaneously severing the clot and closing the intake port by the closure component, the device automatically converts from a suction to a pressure mode, thus ejecting any clot through the suction port. The ordered and continual suck, cut, push, pull tandem ejection system is aided by an automatic anticlogging mechanism which is operative when a sucked clot obstructs suction through the tubular member. This self-limiting feature closes off further suction and ends the process of clot intake. Only after window closure and clot ejection has occurred is vacuum restored to the intake port so that more clot may be sucked into the device for processing.
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International ClassificationA61M1/00, A61B17/00, A61B17/34, A61B17/22
Cooperative ClassificationA61B2017/00247, A61B2018/00392, A61B2017/00473, A61B2217/005, A61B17/00234, A61B17/22, A61B17/320783, A61B2217/007, A61B17/3417
European ClassificationA61B17/22, A61B17/3207S
Legal Events
4 Dec 2002EEERExamination request
16 Feb 2016MKEXExpiry
Effective date: 20151215