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Publication numberCA2192296 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2192296
Publication date13 Jun 1997
Filing date6 Dec 1996
Priority date12 Dec 1995
Also published asCA2192296C, CN1158458A, CN1179287C, EP0779588A2, EP0779588A3, US5961386
Publication numberCA 2192296, CA 2192296 A1, CA 2192296A1, CA-A1-2192296, CA2192296 A1, CA2192296A1
InventorsTakashi Sawaguchi
ApplicantTakashi Sawaguchi, Hudson Soft Co., Ltd.
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Computer system for playing competing type game with specific characteristic movable data
CA 2192296 A1
The invention relates to a computer system for playing a competing type computer game. Specific characteristic data of each of game players is stored in a memory card for each game player. The specific characteristic data is movable from one memory to another memory in accordance with result of the competing game. The memory card is detachable from the computer system. Further, the computer system is able to be connected with a network. Therefore, the skill of the game player is displayed and stored clearly and correctly. Further, the skills of each of the game players is displayed on all display units of the game players on the network at the same time. Therefore, all game players are able to play the same computer game at the same time on the network and any game player is able to recognize the skills of any other game players on the network.
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International ClassificationA63F13/00, G06F13/00
Cooperative ClassificationG07F17/3288, A63F2300/206, A63F2300/8029, A63F2300/61, G06Q50/34
European ClassificationG06Q50/34, G07F17/32P2, A63F13/10
Legal Events
16 Dec 1998EEERExamination request
6 Dec 2006MKLALapsed