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Publication numberCA2189439 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2189439
PCT numberPCT/US1995/000061
Publication date16 Nov 1995
Filing date6 Jan 1995
Priority date6 May 1994
Also published asCA2189439C, CN1143073C, CN1150473A, DE69530382D1, EP0755495A1, EP0755495A4, EP0755495B1, US5564371, US6543392, USRE38542, WO1995030861A1
Publication numberCA 2189439, CA 2189439 A1, CA 2189439A1, CA-A1-2189439, CA2189439 A1, CA2189439A1, PCT/1995/61, PCT/US/1995/000061, PCT/US/1995/00061, PCT/US/95/000061, PCT/US/95/00061, PCT/US1995/000061, PCT/US1995/00061, PCT/US1995000061, PCT/US199500061, PCT/US95/000061, PCT/US95/00061, PCT/US95000061, PCT/US9500061
InventorsAugustus Ashton, Timothy Lovett, Dan Fischbach
ApplicantAugustus Ashton, Timothy Lovett, Dan Fischbach, Foster-Miller, Inc.
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An upper bundle steam generator cleaning system and method
CA 2189439 A1
An upper bundle steam generator (10) cleaning system including a cleaning head deployment and support device (50) receivable through a hand hole of the steam generator (10) and including retractable cylinders which raise the cleaning head up through the flow slots (71) to position a cleaning head about a flow slot (71) of the upper tube bundles; and a cleaning head mounted with the support device (50) for directing fluid about the tubes of the upper bundles of the steam generator (10) thereby cleaning the generator (10) from the top down flushing deposits downward during the cleaning process.
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International ClassificationF28G9/00, F22B37/48, F28G3/16, F22B37/54, F28G15/04, F22B37/52
Cooperative ClassificationF22B37/483, F28G3/16
European ClassificationF22B37/48B, F28G3/16
Legal Events
1 Nov 1996EEERExamination request
7 Jan 2008MKLALapsed