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Publication numberCA2140315 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2140315
Publication date18 Jul 1995
Filing date16 Jan 1995
Priority date17 Jan 1994
Also published asCA2140315C, CN1092002C, CN1116389A, DE59500002D1, EP0665690A1, EP0665690B1, US5608445
Publication numberCA 2140315, CA 2140315 A1, CA 2140315A1, CA-A1-2140315, CA2140315 A1, CA2140315A1
InventorsPeter Mischler
ApplicantPeter Mischler, Srg Schweizerische Radio-Und Fernsehgesellschaft, Gfk Telecontrol Ag
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Method and device for data capture in television viewers research
CA 2140315 A1
A device for the monitoring of a video installation is disclosed which does not need any intervention into the video sets (television set (4), video recorders (2, 3)).
Signal pulses are superimposed on the television or the video signals at the antenna connection (1) and/or the video inputs (7, 8, 10). The superimposition is effected synchroneously to the signal appearing at the respective input (1, 7, 8, 10) in the range of the picture information of a preferably invisible picture line under the control of a processor (14). The burst may also be used for the introduction of digital data which characterize the television or video signal. The retrieval of the burst at the television set (4) is effected either at its video output (10) or by means of a probe (19) fastened at the exterior near the picture tube.
For determining the programme reproduced by the television set (4), the presence of the burst as such or the data it contains are sufficient.
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International ClassificationH04N7/16, H04N5/445, H04N9/79, H04N5/76, H04N17/00
Cooperative ClassificationH04N5/445, H04N7/163
European ClassificationH04N7/16E2, H04N5/445
Legal Events
30 Nov 2001EEERExamination request
22 Mar 2015MKEXExpiry
Effective date: 20150116