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Publication numberCA2131975 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2131975
Publication date9 Apr 1995
Filing date13 Sep 1994
Priority date8 Oct 1993
Also published asCA2131975C, DE69407916D1, DE69407916T2, EP0648476A1, EP0648476B1, US5478003, US5645209, US5647526
Publication numberCA 2131975, CA 2131975 A1, CA 2131975A1, CA-A1-2131975, CA2131975 A1, CA2131975A1
InventorsDavid T. Green, Mitchell J. Palmer, Keith L. Milliman, Robert C. Savage, Richard C. Mcclure, Lisa W. Heaton
ApplicantDavid T. Green, Mitchell J. Palmer, Keith L. Milliman, Robert C. Savage, Richard C. Mcclure, Lisa W. Heaton, United States Surgical Corporation
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Self contained gas powered surgical apparatus
CA 2131975 A1
A self contained gas powered endoscopic surgical apparatus is provided for placing lateral lines of surgical fasteners into body tissue. The apparatus includes a frame portion, an elongated portion extending from the frame portion, and an articulating fastener applying assembly associated with a distal end of the elongated portion. The fastener applying assembly includes a base portion, a staple cartridge housing, and an anvil member which has a forming surface thereon against which surgical fasteners are driven as they are ejected from the cartridge housing. A self contained pneumatic system is associated with the frame portion and is actuable to eject the surgical fasteners from the cartridge assembly. A first mechanism is provided for effectuating the rotation of the fastener applying assembly about an axis defined by the body portion, a second mechanism is provided for effectuating the articulation of the fastener applying assembly, and a third mechanism is provided for independently rotating the cartridge housing and anvil member relative to a longitudinal axis defined by the base position to increase the range of operability of the apparatus.
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17 Nov 2014MKEXExpiry
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