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Publication numberCA2110923 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2110923
PCT numberPCT/US1992/004663
Publication date23 Dec 1992
Filing date5 Jun 1992
Priority date7 Jun 1991
Also published asCA2110921A1, CA2110921C, CA2110922A1, CA2110922C, CA2110923C, DE69209146D1, DE69209146T2, DE69210683D1, DE69210683T2, DE69221942D1, DE69221942T2, EP0517243A1, EP0517243B1, EP0517244A1, EP0517244B1, EP0518230A1, EP0518230B1, US5324289, US5330471, US5766170, US5769849, US5776128, US5810808, WO1992021301A1, WO1992022256A1, WO1992022257A1
Publication numberCA 2110923, CA 2110923 A1, CA 2110923A1, CA-A1-2110923, CA2110923 A1, CA2110923A1, PCT/1992/4663, PCT/US/1992/004663, PCT/US/1992/04663, PCT/US/92/004663, PCT/US/92/04663, PCT/US1992/004663, PCT/US1992/04663, PCT/US1992004663, PCT/US199204663, PCT/US92/004663, PCT/US92/04663, PCT/US92004663, PCT/US9204663
InventorsJack C. Cordes, Dennis J. Denen, Philip E. Eggers, John J. Knittle, Raymond C. Ramsey, Robert F. Shaw
ApplicantJack C. Cordes, Dennis J. Denen, Philip E. Eggers, John J. Knittle, Raymond C. Ramsey, Robert F. Shaw, Hemostatic Surgery Corporation, Hemostatix Corporation, Vital Medical Products Corporation
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Electrosurgical apparatus and method employing constant voltage
CA 2110923 A1
Methods and apparatus (10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15) are provided for use in performing electrosurgery, wherein a power supply (14) supplies an electrosurgical instrument (11,12,13) with a low voltage power signal having a sub-stantially constant peak-to-peak voltage that is independ-ent of the load impedance and which has a crest factor near unity. A power supply (14) is provided to supply a voltage waveform in accordance with the methods of the invention. A clipping circuit is also provided to permit practice of the methods using conventional electrosurgical generators and previously known electrosurgical instru-ments, wherein the voltage amplitude and waveform is modified o the desired regime.
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Legal Events
29 Jun 1998EEERExamination request
6 Jun 2005MKLALapsed