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Publication numberCA2110922 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2110922
PCT numberPCT/US1992/004665
Publication date23 Dec 1992
Filing date5 Jun 1992
Priority date7 Jun 1991
Also published asCA2110921A1, CA2110921C, CA2110922C, CA2110923A1, CA2110923C, DE69209146D1, DE69209146T2, DE69210683D1, DE69210683T2, DE69221942D1, DE69221942T2, EP0517243A1, EP0517243B1, EP0517244A1, EP0517244B1, EP0518230A1, EP0518230B1, US5324289, US5330471, US5766170, US5769849, US5776128, US5810808, WO1992021301A1, WO1992022256A1, WO1992022257A1
Publication numberCA 2110922, CA 2110922 A1, CA 2110922A1, CA-A1-2110922, CA2110922 A1, CA2110922A1, PCT/1992/4665, PCT/US/1992/004665, PCT/US/1992/04665, PCT/US/92/004665, PCT/US/92/04665, PCT/US1992/004665, PCT/US1992/04665, PCT/US1992004665, PCT/US199204665, PCT/US92/004665, PCT/US92/04665, PCT/US92004665, PCT/US9204665
InventorsPhilip E. Eggers
ApplicantPhilip E. Eggers, Hemostatic Surgery Corporation, Hemostatix Corporation, Vital Medical Products Corporation
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Bi-polar electrosurgical endoscopic instruments
CA 2110922 A1
Endoscopic surgical instruments are provided that have bipolar electrodes on opposing movable members (18, 19) for passing a high frequency current through tissue for simultaneously severing or manipulating the tissue and causing hemostasis of the tissue. An electrically insulating material is interposed between the movable members (18, 19) so that the electrodes (18, 19) are spaced apart from 0.002 to 0.050 inches and the current passes between the opposing electrodes (18, 19) through the tissue.
Methods of endoscopically achieving hemostasis while simultaneously, manipulating and cutting tissue are also provided. Use of a constant voltage high frequency power supply to deliver current to the tissue to cause hemostasis is described in conjunction with those methods.
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Legal Events
29 Jun 1998EEERExamination request
6 Jun 2005MKLALapsed