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Publication numberCA2083303 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2083303
Publication date1 Jul 1993
Filing date19 Nov 1992
Priority date31 Dec 1991
Also published asCA2083303C, DE69217891D1, DE69217891T2, EP0550146A1, EP0550146B1, US5367539
Publication numberCA 2083303, CA 2083303 A1, CA 2083303A1, CA-A1-2083303, CA2083303 A1, CA2083303A1
InventorsTerry William Copley
ApplicantTerry William Copley, American Telephone And Telegraph Company
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Digital block processor for processing a plurality of transmission channels in a wireless radiotelephony system
CA 2083303 A1
A digital block receiver system, in a cellular/wireless FM
radiotelephony system, receives and heterodyne a block of cellular/wireless receive channels to a very low block IF signal by analog processing. This block IF signal is applied to a precision high speed A/D converter and converted to a digitized time series. A window function is applied to the digitized time series and a high speed FFT is applied to frequency isolate the individual channels. The active channels are digitally processed by a DSP to recover the FM channel modulation.
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International ClassificationH04B7/24, H04J3/16, H04B7/26, H04B1/26, H04Q7/38
Cooperative ClassificationH04B1/001, H04B1/0017, H04B1/26, H04B7/2621, H04B1/0003
European ClassificationH04B1/00D, H04B1/00D2C, H04B7/26F, H04B1/26, H04B1/00D2F
Legal Events
19 Nov 1992EEERExamination request
19 Nov 2003MKLALapsed