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Publication numberCA2030405 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2030405
Publication date2 Jun 1991
Filing date21 Nov 1990
Priority date1 Dec 1989
Also published asCA2030405C, DE69003791D1, DE69003791T2, EP0430227A2, EP0430227A3, EP0430227B1, US5141811
Publication numberCA 2030405, CA 2030405 A1, CA 2030405A1, CA-A1-2030405, CA2030405 A1, CA2030405A1
InventorsKenji Kawakami, Hiroyuki Nagai, Masakazu Fujita
ApplicantKenji Kawakami, Hiroyuki Nagai, Masakazu Fujita, Teijin Limited
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Elastic synthetic polymer filament with multi-lobated cross-sectional profile
CA 2030405 A1
An elastic synthetic polymer filament having a multi-lobated cross-sectional profile is composed of (A) a filamentary axial constituent extending along the longitudinal axis of the filament, and (B) 3 to 8 filamentary lobe constituents radically protruding from and extending along the filamentary axial constituent each having a constricted portion thereof through which each filamentary lobe constituent is connected to the filamentary axial constituent, the cross-section of the filament satisfying the relationship (I):
1.3 ? d1/w ? 10 (I) wherein d1 is a largest cross-sectional width of each filamentary lobe constituent (C).
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International ClassificationD01F6/60, D01F6/80, D01F6/86, D01F6/62, D01F6/70, D01D5/253
Cooperative ClassificationD01F6/70, D01F6/80, Y10T428/2913, D01D5/253, Y10T428/2931, Y10T428/2973, Y10T428/2929, D01F6/86
European ClassificationD01F6/80, D01F6/86, D01D5/253, D01F6/70
Legal Events
11 Feb 1991EEERExamination request
21 Nov 2010MKEXExpiry