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Publication numberCA2012120 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2012120
Publication date15 Sep 1990
Filing date14 Mar 1990
Priority date15 Mar 1989
Also published asCA2012120C, DE69024386D1, DE69024386T2, EP0388163A2, EP0388163A3, EP0388163B1, US5157672
Publication numberCA 2012120, CA 2012120 A1, CA 2012120A1, CA-A1-2012120, CA2012120 A1, CA2012120A1
InventorsSeiji Kondou, Hiroyasu Muto, Yoshihisa Isoda
ApplicantSeiji Kondou, Hiroyasu Muto, Yoshihisa Isoda, Nec Corporation
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Interference detection apparatus for use in digital mobile communications system
CA 2012120 A1
An apparatus comprising a Viterbi decoder which decodes received convolutional code data in accordance with the Viterbi algorithm and provides path metrics.
Among the path metrics, a path metric comparator detects the maximum and minimum path metrics for each data symbol. The path metric comparator selects the minimum difference among differences between the maximum and minimum path metrics. An apparatus also comprises a field strength detector which detects the electromagnetic field strength of a radio signal containing the convolutional code data. Upon the minimum path metric difference and the field strength, an interference detector checks if interference exists in the radio signal. The minimum path metric difference may be used for an antenna diversity system.
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International ClassificationH04L1/20, H04L1/00
Cooperative ClassificationH04L1/0054, H04L1/206, H04L1/0047
European ClassificationH04L1/00B5E, H04L1/20M, H04L1/00B5L
Legal Events
17 Aug 1990EEERExamination request
14 Mar 2010MKEXExpiry