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Publication numberCA1032077 A
Publication typeGrant
Application numberCA 228353
Publication date30 May 1978
Filing date3 Jun 1975
Priority date26 Jun 1974
Also published asCA1032077A1, US4026357, US4099566
Publication numberCA 1032077 A, CA 1032077A, CA 228353, CA-A-1032077, CA1032077 A, CA1032077A
InventorsDavid A. Redford
ApplicantDavid A. Redford, Texaco Exploration Canada Ltd.
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In situ gasification of solid hydrocarbon materials in a subterranean formation
CA 1032077 A
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International ClassificationE21B43/243, E21B43/40
Cooperative ClassificationE21B43/40, E21B43/243