Internet Legends: What Others Are Saying

  • Sam Gyimah MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Childcare and Education

    “The internet presents so many fantastic opportunities for our children, but their safety online has become one of the biggest worries for parents. It is critical that we start teach children about the risks early. The Internet Legends campaign is a fantastic initiative that presents the issues in a fun and engaging way, and I hope that as many children as possible will be safer online as a result of this programme.”

  • Vicki Shotbolt, Founder and CEO of Parent Zone

    “Working with Google on this project has enabled us to support many more primary schools with messages that are vital for children of this age. We know from our work with schools and with parents that helping children to become confident and safe online is an essential life skill and it is important to prepare them for a time when they will be independently exploring online.”

  • Childline & NSPCC

    “Whether it’s socialising, playing games, or learning we want children and young people to know how to stay safe online and how to get help if they need it. Google’s Internet Legends school assemblies are a great opportunity to teach children vital online safety skills and build their confidence. And it’s important to reach children early, before they start to venture online without parents and carers always there to watch over them.”

  • Carolyn Bunting, General Manager, Internet Matters

    “At Internet Matters we want to help parents keep their children safe in their digital world, and we are delighted to see the commitment that Google are making in helping children navigate their way safely and responsibly when they are online. This new initiative really supports, motivates and educates children is making informed choices about how they engage and use the internet as part of their day to day lives”

  • Dr. Linda Papadopoulos

    “The internet is an integral part of young people's lives. Making sure they learn the skills they need to enjoy it safely is essential. The Internet Legends tour is a great opportunity to bring these issues to life - building resilience and helping them to feel confident about managing their online lives is an essential life skill.”