Beginner Tutorials

Street View

Now you can fly from outer space down to the streets with Street View. Seamlessly integrated with Google Earth, Street View lets you experience the streets like never before. In this video, you will learn how to navigate in Street View and toggle to ground-level view.

Navigating in Street View | Using ground-level navigation

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3D Trees

Explore 3D trees in locations around the world. In this video, you will learn how to view 3D trees and see examples of places to explore.

Viewing 3D Trees

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Historical Imagery

Travel back in time with Historical Imagery in Google Earth. We've made it easier for you to know when historical imagery is available in the location that you're viewing. In this video, you will learn how to use the time slider and turn on Historical Imagery.

Viewing Historical Imagery | Using the Time Slider

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Searching for Places

Google Earth is an interactive, virtual globe that enables you to find and explore just about any location on our planet and beyond. In this video, you will learn how to find businesses and locations in the Search panel and save locations in the My Places panel.

Finding places and businesses | Getting directions

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Drawing and Measuring

With Google Earth, you can trace and measure just about any place on the planet. In this beginner tutorial, you will learn how to use tools such as Ruler, Polygon, Path, Measurements, Elevation Profile and more.

Drawing Paths and Polygons | Measuring Distances and Area | Elevation Profile

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Placemarks and Tours

With Google Earth’s virtual globe, you can label any location and create tours from your placemarks. Watch this tutorial video to learn how to create a customised placemark, save in your Places panel, organise placemarks, play an animated tour of placemarks and find tours in the Earth Gallery.

Creating a New Placemark | Saving Places | Using Tours

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Exploring Mars, Moon and Sky

With Google Earth, you can fly to the ends of the earth and beyond. Learn how to explore other planets, directly in Google Earth.

Navigating Sky | Moon Showcase | Mars Showcase | Sky Showcase

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Moon in Google Earth

Learn how to explore Moon in Google Earth and see Moon-related content, such as Apollo missions, 3D models of spacecrafts, landing sites and narrated tours.

Drawing Paths and Polygons | Measuring Distances and Area | Elevation Profile

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Sharing Google Earth screenshots

Google Earth is a great way to virtually explore the globe, whether revisiting old haunts or checking out a future holiday spot. You can even share your virtual travel through Google+ by simply signing in to your Google Account and clicking “Share” in the upper right hand corner.

Sharing with Google+

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Tour Guide

Not sure where to begin your virtual adventure? Let the new tour guide show you the way. Short tours of thousands of famous locations from all over the world make it easier than ever to discover amazing places. In this video will you will learn how to get started with the tour guide.

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