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November 2009
What's New in Google Earth?


Google Earth Heroes Project
We're thrilled to know that hundreds of millions of people use Google Earth to discover, explore, and learn more about the world around them. However, we're especially proud of the fact that Google Earth has been used as a tool to help people change the world. To celebrate the individuals and organizations that have used Google Earth in their efforts to effect change, we've launched the Google Earth heroes project. We're highlighting the work of six organizations with this launch, with several other profiles soon to follow. Read more.


New and Updated Imagery
New and updated imagery was added to Google Earth in November. You can find details on the updates here and here or you can download either of these files in Google Earth to see the locations of the imagery directly. Don't forget you can use the View->Historical Imagery option to see other imagery choices through the time slider.

Building Maker

Introducing Google Building Maker
Last month we launched Google Building Maker, a 3D modeling tool for creating buildings for Google Earth. It's fun to use, and an easy way to get on the 3D map. Basically, you pick a building and construct a model of it using aerial photos and simple 3D shapes – both of which we provide. When you're done, we take a look at your model. If it looks right, and if a better model doesn't already exist, we add it to the 3D Buildings layer in Google Earth. You can make a whole building in a few minutes. Building Maker is in 50 cities and available in 14 languages. Try Building Maker

Where in the World

Where in the World?
Somewhere in the Google Earth imagery is this interesting feature. Can you find it? See if you can be the first person with the correct answer. here. Perhaps you'd like some clues on where to start your search? OK!

  • The telephone calling code for this country is 98.
  • This country's currency code is IRR.
  • The location in question is hidden within a specific 30,000 square mile area of the country.
Google Earth Outreach

Special Report - Google Earth Outreach in Africa
Google Earth Outreach has launched in Africa! On 26th October, the Google Earth Outreach program was launched in Africa as part of the week long AfricaGIS conference in Kampala, Uganda. Having the program available in Africa, makes it possible for local NGOs and other public benefit organizations to take advantage of Google Earth Pro software grants and other opportunities. In conjunction with this significant launch for Outreach, several stunning examples of geographically organized content, created by dedicated non-profit organizations have been made available. Check them out here.

Climate Change Tour in Google Earth

Climate Change
We launched a new series of narrated Google Earth tours all about climate change as part of Google's effort to make climate information accessible leading up to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December. You can view the first released tour, Confronting Climate Change (a video excerpt, full version for Google Earth here ), narrated by Al Gore that takes you through some of the worst impacts expected due to our changing climate, and points us towards the upcoming tours introducing the range of solutions for confronting it. Read more.

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Other Updates

Bon Voyage to Google Earth Blog's Frank Taylor!
The Google Earth Sightseer team would like to wish Frank Taylor all the best as he sets sail for a circumnavigation around the world. You can track Frank's adventures from his website:

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