Mobile Analytics

Understanding your mobile sites, apps and ads and how they drive business to you is becoming more important every day. Google Analytics lets you measure mobile sites, apps and visits from web-enabled mobile devices, including both high-end and basic phones and tablets. We help marketers win across screens and devices by giving them insights to be relevant to customers to help them win the moments that matter. Set yourself up to create targeted and efficient marketing campaigns that reach your visitors wherever they are.

Mobile Device

Mobile App Analytics: measure the end-to-end value of your app

Mobile is changing the way that people communicate, work and play, and much of the growing adoption and innovation is driven by mobile apps. Mobile App Analytics provides end-to-end measurement of the entire customer journey for apps - from discovery to download through to engagement. The reports are tailored for mobile app developers and marketers, speaking the language that matters to them.

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Create the best user experience - across screens and devices

Viewing statistics by location (Map Overlay tab) lets you understand the current origins of mobile traffic, as well as make predictions about where traffic will increase. Discover which devices visitors are using to find your website so that you can present your brand in the best formats for those devices. Google Analytics can display which mobile operating systems and specific mobile devices send visitors to your site, mobile app or social media page.

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Mobile Ads Measurement: understand how mobile delivers value to your business

Google Mobile Ads appear on mobile devices in Google search results, on content websites and in apps. Use them to put your business in front of people as they use their phones and tablets throughout the day. Establish goals, understanding mobile conversions and use Google Analytics to start measuring success today.

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