Learn how Google helps to protect you

The Internet is a great thing. But, just like in the offline world, not everyone online has good intentions. Google takes your privacy and security very seriously. We invest millions of pounds each year and employ world-renowned experts in data security to keep your information safe. They focus on keeping you and your information safe and secure, and staying one step ahead of cyber criminals.

Google works hard to help protect you from identity theft, personal fraud and online scams, to help protect your computer and to make the Internet a safer place. We give you the tools and knowledge you need to keep yourself and your family safe online. And we’re constantly investing and improving to fight on your behalf.

Helping to combat identity theft

Find out more about how Google helps to fight against identity theft.

Protecting you from personal fraud and scams

Just like in the offline world, there are con artists and fraudsters on the Internet. Know what Google does to help keep you from getting scammed.

Working to help keep your computer and device clean

Take a look at how Google helps to protect your computer and device from malware.

Making the Internet safer for everyone

We are all better off when everyone uses the best security technologies and techniques. Learn how Google works closely with others to help make being online safer for everyone.