Report abuse and illegal activity

Report abuse of Google services

You can help yourself and others to stay safe online by reporting people or companies who send spam, try to sell counterfeit goods, distribute malware or are otherwise abusing our systems. To read more about our security philosophy and how to report security issues with any of our services, visit our corporate security page.

Report suspicious emails and scams

Most email providers, including Gmail, allow you to report suspicious emails and scams. Reporting a suspicious message in Gmail will help to block that user from sending you more emails and help our abuse team to stop similar attacks.

Report bad ads

With billions of ads submitted to Google every year, we use a combination of sophisticated technology and manual review to detect and remove both bad ads and bad advertisers from our systems. We spend millions of dollars building technical architecture and advanced machine learning models to fight this battle.  We also count on companies and users to report violations of our policies. If you find a bad ad on one of our services, you can report it using the service-specific links below:

Report malware

If you've been redirected to a suspicious site that you think was distributing malware, please take a moment to tell us about it. You can also report the URL to StopBadware’s community.