Google Grants

New to Google Grants?

What is Google Grants?

Launched in 2003, Google Grants is a unique in-kind donation programme that awards free AdWords advertising to selected charitable organisations around the globe. The programme is available in the United States and these areas.

The programme helps non-profit organisations use AdWords to reach people who are searching for information that is relevant to their organisation. Keyword-targeted text ads – labelled "Sponsored Links" – appear alongside or above Google search results. Clicking an ad takes the searcher to the organisation's website.

(Visit the Google search results page for the query world poverty to see Google AdWords sponsored links.)

How does the programme work?

Google Grants ads are run through AdWords, the online, self-service programme used by paying Google advertisers. Participating grantees set up an account, create their ad campaigns and are responsible for its ongoing management. Active management of a Grants AdWords account means that your account contact must be responsive to email requests from our team and log in to your account monthly to review campaign performance and make updates.

To help participants run successful campaigns, the Google Grants Help Centre features user guides, tutorials and other resources created specifically for grantees as well as a Google Grants Help Forum for discussion about managing your Google Grant.

What is the value of a Google Grant award?

Google Grants AdWords accounts have a daily budget that is set to $329, which is equivalent to about $10,000 per month of advertising on However, this is dependent on many variables including the number of times that people search on the keywords that you choose and whether searchers click your organisation's ads. As a result, we cannot predict or guarantee the total value of the advertising that you will receive.

We require organisations in the Google Grants programme to be actively engaged in their AdWords account. As long as your organisation is actively managing the AdWords account, adhering to our programme guidelines and making the most of this award, you shall continue to remain in the Google Grants programme.

Please note that Google does reserve the right to terminate your organisation's participation in the Google Grants programme for any reason without notice at any time. If you are removed from the Google Grants programme, your organisation will be ineligible and should not apply again.

What does my organisation need to get started?

To qualify, your organisation must meet our eligibility requirements. It's also important that you have a solid understanding of the way that the AdWords programme works; please review our quick tour of the programme, "What is Google Grants?", before you apply.

Where can I find additional information about Google Grants?

Apply today by completing our online application form.