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'Seabed carpet' could harness wave energy
He came up with the idea using a viscoelastic "carpet of wave-energy conversion" (CWEC) placed over a network of vertically oriented springs and generators on the coastal seafloor.
A Skeptic Looks at Alternative Energy
Most egregious of all is the boosters' failure to recognize the time it takes to convert to any new source of energy, no matter how compelling the arguments for it may be. ... In France it got the all-out support of the state electricity-generating ...
US Department of Energy Projects Win 36 R&D 100 Awards for 2012
WASHINGTON - U.S. Department of Energy researchers have won 36 of the 100 awards given out this year by R&D Magazine for the most outstanding technology developments with promising commercial potential.
Researcher proposes 'synthetic seabed' to turn waves into energy from the ...
Even better, the system could be contained completely on the ocean floor, getting rid of the eyesore that many other wave-conversion systems - which use floats or buoys resting on the ocean's surface - bring to the table. Of course, there's the issue ...
“The Tesseract Is Here!”
That may be a movie device, but the truth is, the Tesseract is here. The Tesseract for us is the power of ... The vision involves converting our energy infrastructure to electricity and electricity-produced hydrogen for all purposes. WWS electricity ...
Solid-state quantum memories set endurance records
An important challenge facing both teams was the presence of isotopic impurities of silicon-29 or carbon-13 in their devices. These devices have magnetic moments that will couple with both the electron and nuclear spins of interest, thereby upsetting ...
A Look at 12 New Technologies that Could Change the Biofuel Industry (Part 1)
As the bio-based revolution moves into the commercialization stage, new products and enabling technologies continue to surface that offer tantalizing opportunities.
Wireless Solar Charging Made Easier
Verma says the charging system can provide a device with up to 120 microwatts of power at a transfer efficiency of up to 22 percent under indoor lighting.
Smart Conservation for the Lazy Consumer
If your electric company tells you to cut back your energy use or face the possibility of a blackout, you'll probably comply.
Konarka: Mitt's Bankrupt Solar Bet
Konarka appeared promising on the surface in January 2003 when Romney touted a plan to loan it $24 million from the state's renewable energy trust fund. Konarka claimed a Nobel Prize-winning co-founder and had raised more than $170 million in private ...